Thursday, May 3, 2007

Voodoo Who Do News

Good Evening

Here is the Voodoo Who Do news.

Voodoo Who Do originally started out as a blog back in October of 2006. I was working for a domain name investor, and this was one of the domain names he had. It kind of inspired me, a lover of horror movies and books and all the weird stuff. I was having a great time with it. It was really starting to take off.

Then everything went wrong. The original blog was lost. We lost control of it, etc. This happened on January 15th, 2007. What happened? I can only speculate.

Well, I wasn't about to give it up that easy. So I turned it into a website. It has gotten pretty large, but it's a great site. He then gave me the domain name, and The original blog stayed on the servers for a short time, and finally they let it go. I was able to reacquire as well. So now it’s going to be a combination of a blog and two websites. Better navigation through the website and a sister video site. I have magically (with a lot of work) turned it into something much bigger.

So this blog is restarted today. I will continue it. This is coming out really nice.

Yours Truly
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