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Uller Norse God of Winter - An Asatru Runes Blot to Attract His Powers

Uller Norse God of Winter - An Asatru Runes Blot to Attract His Powers
By Ellis Peterson

Attract the Power of Uller God of Winter

The Rune associated with Uller is Eihwaz.











Uller is the son of SIF and the stepson of THOR. He is a very old god, but not very much is known about him. He is the God of Bow Hunting and he hunts on snow shoes.

Uller is called "The Brilliant One."

Other names associated with Uller:


Uller lives in Ydalir, "Valley of Yews."

Ullin "Goddess of the Snow" is his twin sister.

There is an old myth that tells us that Uller is as powerful as Odin and ruled over Asgard during the winter, while Odin maintained rulership during the summer.

Uller mentioned in Gylfaginning (Prose Edda.)

"Uller has all the characteristics of a warrior. It is good to call upon him in duels."

Uller mentioned in Skaldskaparmal.

"Uller is called the ski-god, bow-god, hunting-god and shield-god."

Uller mentioned in Prose Edda.

Snori tells is that a shield can be called Uller's Ship. Several kennings such as ASKAR, FAR, ULLAN AND KJOLL ULLER all meaning Uller's ship and referring to shileds.

Uller mentioned in Grimmnismal.

"Ydalir it is called, where Ullr has himself a dwelling made."

Uller's Ship was called Skjoldr, "Shield."

Ullers name is used many times in warrior kennings.

Ullr-Brands ----- Ullr of Sword --- Warrior.

Rand-Ullr ----- Shield --- Ullr the Warrior.

Ullr-Almsima ----- Ullr of bowstring ---- Warrior

You can see that although we do not have any of Uller's storys we can see that he is mentioned a great deal in many of the ancient writings.

We do know that he was a very old god, equal to Odin. A god of snow and the bow hunt. A powerful warrior. With great strength, stamina and skill. So invoke him for these energies.



During a blot, choose one rune, one god, one keyword to pour your mental energies into. That is how they are in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.)

Now that the Laws of Quantum Physics has taught us that thoughts are things and that our thoughts enter the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) where they pick up creative energy and materialize back into our lives.

We must be careful of what and how we think!

Why do you want to attract the energies of Uller into your life?

Gods cannot do anything for us. That is not how it works. But we can attract the same energies that a god/goddess uses out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into our life.

We can become god-like.

We can recreate our lives using the Runes which are Universal Creative Energies and the Laws of Quantum Physics which tells us that thoughts are things.

"Hail him who creates new dances.

Let's dance to a thousand tunes.

Our art should be free,

and joyful our sciences."


We have created the sciences of quantum physics, radionics, and mental radionics. Lets use them joyfully.


Uller is God of Winter and bow hunting. Therefore whatever winter sports you participate in, ski, bobsled, skate board, cross country etc invoke the energies of Uller out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into your life.

If you are a bow-hunter, invoke Uller.

A very special function of Uller is that of Oath-taking. Our ancestors used an Uller-Ring for oath-taking much like we use lawyers and legal documents. Who ever took and oath was sworn to keep it. Oath-breakers were outlawed and put to death.

Have you noticed the similarity in court rooms and when swearing soldiers and politicians into office? They use a bible instead of an Uller Oath-ring. They stole this one also.


Again keep it simple. You want to attract the energies of Uller out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into your aura.

Sit quietly.

Hold the Eihwaz Rune in your lap.

Look at it and meditate on it. Your mind (mental radionics) will make the connection between the Uller Runic energies in the Quantum Ocean, and your aura.

Take a deep breath and breath in the runic energy.

When you took your very first breath on this planet you breathed in the energies of the heavens. Your astrolgical energy matrix, your sun sign. You breathed in all the energies of all the planets into your aura. That is why the moving of the planets has such a poweful affect on your life.

We have been taught to breath in energies since birth. That is what you are doing now. Breathing in new energies out of the same place where all energies exist. The Mind of God.

Intone mentally to yourself:

"I am now inhaling the energy of Uller out of the Mind of God and into my aura."

Three times.

You have now breathed Uller's energies into your aura. Whatever energies you carry in your aura will be projected out from your aura. Strength, stamina and skill in winter sports and bow hunting.

Give a mental thank you to Uller and get up and go about your business. Go enjoy yourself.


No dogma.

No ritualistic tools.

Just you (an energy being), Uller (an energy god) and the rune Eihwaz (a universal creative energy.)

A short, quick way to attract the God Uller's energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.
Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller (earned Viking name) is 72 and a skald and runemaster. He is a retired math professor and electrical engineer. He brings his scientifc knowledge of Quantum Physics into his Runic Information Website. He offers a unique approach to Runes and Quantum Physcis. He offers free Runic and Quantum Physics essays and artilces plus a free newsleter. To take advantage of his uniquely interesting stuff check out his webiste at

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