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The Role Of A Hypnotist On Stage

The Role Of A Hypnotist On Stage

A hypnotist is someone who can lull individuals into a hypnotic trance and then proceed to give them suggestions to alter their behavior in some form or fashion. As long as the craft of hypnosis has been around, people have been willing to see such a gifted person perform.

Whether it be for fun or simply curiosity, most people will pay to see a good hypnotist get on stage and execute a performance. How they do what they do is left as a mystery unless an individual learns a few tricks of the trade.

One of the best ways for a hypnotist to find great participants, is to ask for volunteers from the audience. The fact that someone volunteers is a sign that they are willing to participate and try to undergo hypnotism. This choice of who will actually participate is a critical component to the show performance.

A stage hypnotist wants people who are enthusiastic and who are willing to undergo hypnosis or, at the very least, who will act like they are being hypnotized, whether they actually are or not. However, when people go under and come back, they may feel a bit strange afterwards, since their bodies are completely relaxed and are usually are like jelly.

When the show begins, the person on stage will ask the audience to close their eyes and listen. He or she will then try and place participants into a hypnotic state.
More than likely, those who are in the audience will not become hypnotized because of their inability to relax the body and the mind.

This is the key to becoming hypnotized. However, on occasion, some can become entranced under hypnosis and they can be seen going along with suggestions that he offers.

After the stage hypnotist works the audience, he or she will then begin to perform their magic on the volunteers. This is the point in time in which stage hypnosis can become very fun and even comical to see.

The volunteers can be made to believe that they are aliens, naked, small children, animals or even drunk. After one is brought out of the trance, the suggestions are more than likely forgotten and no lingering effects will be seen.

A good stage hypnotist show can be a very rewarding experience. Watching people make fools of themselves and not remember it later is like going to the theater and watching a funny slapstick comedy. A good stage show will keep the audience interested long after the curtain call, and in the end, that is what a stage hypnotist wants more than anything.
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