Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Understanding And How To Use The Pendulum

By Lee Steer

In the old days the pendulum was used for many different things. To hypnotise people, used in clocks, for mental ill patients in hospitals. To tell if a baby is a girl or boy. I know that one is a strange one but true.

And then there's many different types of pendulums, there's the side to side pendulum, what goes left and right. Then there's the back and forth pendulum *used for ornaments* and there's a 6 metal ball pendulum were 2 balls from the pendulum goes left and right and the other 4 stay still.

You can turn a lot of day to day objects into pendulums, like a chain, a bag, bottle, but for best results you need a chain what has a nice little weight on the end of it, like a chain with a cross on it. I my self first started doing the pendulum with dog tags.

Right so we have an object to use as a pendulum, all we need to know now is to use it. :-

You can either hold the end of your pendulum with your thumb and index finger, or place the end in your palm and close hand with the chain going over the top of your hand.

Now for the answers and movement. You can actually make up your own method of movement. No could mean yes and yes could mean no, as long as you tell the spirit that there will be no problems.

Here is my original set-up When the pendulum moves:

Clock wise *in a circle* = yes
Anti clock wise = no
Side to side = I don't know
Up and down = search position were the spirit is waiting for your questions.

You can even go further and right out some stuff on paper. And place around the pendulum and let the pendulum chose between the stuff you wrote down.

*Doing this is not a ouije board. A ouije board is very dangerous, and I suggest not to Eva mess about with one or use.* You can have just about more fun with this then a devils board. Anyway now you know the basic, of what a pendulum is and how to use one.

There's just one thing left, How to talk to the sprits.:-

Start of by saying is there anyone one there. Or if you know some one you would like to contact call there name, and say are you there _____. There is no guarantee that it will work the first time. I believe you need to believe in them for them to contact you with great force, I my self believe that anyone can do it in time.

When you get your response it may start of slow!! Little circles. Please note that the spirit doesn't know the method of movement you are using. So explain How you want the spirit to talk with you.

One you got that sorted. Heres a few tips to get better responses from the spirit.:-

Say Use my energy
Give me a better response
Talk loud and clear.
Take deep breaths *as the spirit take your energy*
So theres a few tips on getting good responses from the spirit.

Now, how to make sure the spirit leaves.:-

Simply ask it to leave, and it should leave, if not ask it to leave 3 times and it will leave. Then when the movement stops in the pendulum ask if its gone, And it should stay still.

Now a few tips on the actual spirit.

Do not call the spirit a ghost!!! It is down grading as ghost is a scary term.
Bear in mind that the spirit could be 110 there for not the best at communicating.
A spirit that cant spell.
A spirit with anger issues, there for pendulum goes mental.
A ghost at hard of hearing
Talk nice to the ghosts in a positive manner.

In time with practice you will be able to talk to the spirits through your mind. By using a pendulum. Then that takes you to a all new level.
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