Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 Types Of Psychic Guide

There are two main types of psychic guides, they are;

Spirit world guides
receiving guidance from the spirit world is very different from receiving your own guidance, it is often easy to listen to what your loved ones in the spirit world have to say but remember if you would not take their advice when they were alive do not take it just because they are dead.

Loved ones in the spirit world can often be following their own agenda, there may give you advice because it was what they would do if they were alive. Remember this is your life and you need to make your own decisions, they can only give you guidance you do not have to do what they say.

Any decision you make should be based on all information you have at hand this includes past experience, knowledge, feelings, and what your spirit guides say.

Higher-level guides
higher-level guides are better placed to help you lower-level guides, this is because they exist on a higher plane of consciousness and can see more of the entire picture.

Higher-level guides are often sensed as loving energy and light, rather than as a physical form or something else you can identify. They are wise and compassionate and often answer your questions with questions, which will often make us think about what the real issue is. They encourage you to make your own decisions and will not generally tell you what to do they will simply remind you of what you already know. They are very honest but never criticise, they will allow you the space to be a critic and then help you reach a decision on what needs to happen for you.

When talking with guides, either in the spirit world or higher beings, you need to be able to calm yourself and your thoughts to listen to what they are saying. If you want to receive clear guidance you need to learn to meditate, this is the best way to clear your mind and focus your energy on the task at hand. Meditation allows you to hear the calm quiet voice inside your head that generally gives you very profound advice, the quiet voice is not a whisper is very clear that sounds as though it comes from a very long way away.

Any guidance you receive regardless of its origin should be used in the wider context, and should not be taken as the only answer to your question. Use your common sense when sifting through all the information from your various sources, and your final decision will always be the best.

By: Pauline Stradlen

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