Thursday, April 24, 2008

Astral Projection

By Peter Dobrovic

Astral projection, or the out-of-body phenomenon, is one of the most life-changing events that can ever take place. For many it will remove any fear of death but it should also be acknowledged as an exhilarating experience that is totally unique. The reason that, I believe, it is not immediately accessible to most people is because it could easily become a distraction from the mundane life that we are all supposed to be living. Each one of us is on an individual path that we are required to follow, given that we are aware of our direction, and astral travel can appear so much more exciting by comparison. These paths are the ultimate reason for our being here in the first place and they can be just as magical if we choose to make them so. The out-of-body phenomenon certainly has a place in our existence but it ought not to be allowed to dominate it. Having said this, I would also mention that if it were more readily achievable, what a superior alternative it would provide to the recreational drugs that are currently destroying the lives of the people that take them and of the people that are affected by the consequences of this evil industry.

For those who wish to try leaving their physical bodies there are a number of practical tips that may help.


If you are constantly tired when you go to bed then you will sink into a dreamless sleep. Try getting a good nights rest plus an extra hour so that you are more alert on the following night when making your attempt at projection.


Magicians stick to a simple diet as a preparation for ritual magic and so should you. Heavy foods and alcohol will affect your chances of success so keep it light and eat plain fish with salad accompanied, perhaps, by one glass of wine to aid relaxation.


You must have a clear intention to succeed in your aim. A gentle determination and sense of purpose together with a little creative visualisation will set you on the right course.


There is not enough time here to go into this subject in any great depth but at least you should try to breath deeply, steadily and comfortably. Do not adopt any pattern of breathing that feels unnatural, just aim for complete and enriching breaths.

State of mind

One of the major reasons that people do not experience out-of-body states is because we are all tethered to the material and physical aspects of our lives. If you are going to succeed in your attempt then you will need to alter your state-of-mind. This means that you have to ignore any thoughts that dwell on our earthly perceptions, needs and sensations, as you must endeavour to reach a neutral frame of being. You could describe this as an openness or potential in its raw form where possibilities become probable. If your mind is cluttered with earthly thoughts you will block out the place where events can occur.


Sometimes imagining yourself to be travelling to a chosen destination promotes the exit from your body. Try visualising yourself walking through a familiar place and then make a detour that takes you into unfamiliar territory.

The Conscious mind

When you are on the verge of leaving your body you can expect to experience common fantasies that are thrown up by your conscious mind in order to disguise what is taking place. Various scenarios such as a fall off a mountain or a stumble down a flight of stairs will occur but if you can get past these tricks and remain awake you will discover that the fantasy was actually hiding the sensation of movement away from your body. You will, at this point, be entirely cognizant of your surroundings and your sense of well-being will be manifest.

I hope that these tips help you to reach the transformation in your life that follows your first journey away from your body. Once you have witnessed this alternate reality you will carry the knowledge with you for ever after.

Good luck.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on over twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisified clients across the UK. You can visit his site at

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