Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Characteristics Of The Zodiac Jupiter

By Victor Epand

In astrology, the planet Jupiter takes a year to move through each sign making the full cycle equal twelve years. Those born within the same year as each other are likely to have similar ideas, views and beliefs that pertain to higher thinking. Issues that are covered by Jupiter include philosophy, religion, growth, and living.

A Jupiter in Aries makes for a person that is a leader in knowledge, a student and a teacher in the areas of education and philosophy in particular. Confident, energetic and innovative they are able to attract good fortunes while they are young as long as they manage their money well.

A Jupiter in Taurus makes for a person that is resourceful and stable. They collect great wealth and like to use it towards luxurious purchases. Conservative and stubborn, they excel in business with their steady patience.

A Jupiter in Gemini makes for a curious, open and communicative mind. They study a wide variety of subjects superficially and tend to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Their restlessness makes wealth unlikely but they care more about the status they can attain in the intellectual set.

A Jupiter in Cancer makes for a moral, kind and generous mind. Nurturing, they always help out and cheer on the underdog. They are obsessed with feeling secure and can manage money well to attain it. It is likely that they will have an attachment to food which can cause health issues.

A Jupiter in Leo makes for a confident, optimistic and generous mind. They have energy, drama and an ability to lead. They love to be loved and may overindulge or overspend to earn their way into the spotlight.

A Jupiter in Virgo makes for a detail oriented, cautions, scientific and practical mind. Somewhat cynical, they can become overwhelmed easily and lose perspective on what things are too small to be worried over. They are likely to be perfectionists.

A Jupiter in Libra makes for a just and moral mind. They surround themselves with similarly minded people. Considerate, diplomatic and persuasive they are good in group settings especially for progressive causes.

A Jupiter in Scorpio makes for a mind that is serious, secretive, critical and shrewd. They do well in finance and business due to hard work and quick thinking. Intense, determined and confident they will not compromise what they believe is right.

A Jupiter in Sagittarius makes for an optimistic, outgoing and carefree mind. They enjoy helping others especially in the areas of religion, sociology or philosophy. They have strong beliefs and are looking for converts.

A Jupiter in Capricorn makes for a moral, ethical mind. Conservative, mature and prudent they would excel in business or government. They like to be in power because of their ambition and desire to help society.

A Jupiter in Aquarius makes for a mind that is democratic, tolerant and understanding. They believe that all men (and women) are created equally and have insight into those other people. They do lack discipline and shirk off responsibility.

A Jupiter in Pisces makes for a helpful, quiet and easygoing mind. There isn't a strong sense of ambition here. They are happy being behind the scenes. Deeply compassionate, they strive to help their fellow man- often through religion.

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