Saturday, April 19, 2008

Characteristics Of The Zodiac Mercury In Aquarius

By Victor Epand

The Sun is given the most credit when it comes to the zodiac. It is the information people give out when someone else asks "what's your sign?" But the other planets of the zodiac have importance that shouldn't be thrown away. Mercury influences how a person thinks and how that is portrayed to the outside world. Learning, communication and expression are all housed here. It also dictates whether a person moves through life with a strong sense of direction or a tendency to detour.

Those who were born with their Mercury in Aquarius have detached, abstract and inventive minds that are prone to great washes of insight. Rapid thinkers, their thoughts travel constantly and in a rather disorganized fashion. Instead of coming in as a clear picture, ideas are like the dots in a pointillism painting that only make sense when the whole is put together. But there is logic to the thoughts, however chaotic their arrival may be. That logic is often lost on others who deem this person to be eccentric- until their "odd" ways turn out to have been correct.

Progressive, they often behave in a nontraditional fashion just to make waves and see what will happen to everyone in the water when it has settled. Revolutionary ideas and causes will draw this person's interest and often their very vocal support. What keeps these people from being simple anarchists is their keen intuition and judgment of character. Their belief in fairness and balance seeps into how they judge others- on merit alone. The poor and downtrodden will find a friend in those with their Aquarius in Mercury.

Quick witted and open minded to an extent, there can be times when they lock into a thought process and refuse to let go. Their mood can shift between introverted aloofness to extroverted sociability depending on the situation or their frame of mind. Because of this tendency to move back and forth, they tend to have trouble cementing their role in a group dynamic. Speaking comes most naturally to those with their Mercury in Aquarius when an issue or cause is being discussed. They are likely to be talented at writing on these subjects as well and may turn to a line of work that utilizes this ability.

Mercury in Aquarius can make it hard for a person to form a romantic partnership unless that partner is either incredibly understanding or cut from the same cloth. These people hate routine and the sense of being boxed in and will shun anything that resembles the death of freedom. That isn't to say that if they are allowed to roam away from home that they will be doing something they aren't supposed to. If monogamy has been established in the relationship, this person won't break that vow. They hold themselves (and everyone else) up to too high of a standard for that sort of behavior. Their partner may just have to share their mind and spirit with all of those souls that need help.

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