Monday, April 28, 2008

Characteristics Of The Zodiac Moon In Libra

The Sun is the planet that zodiac novices are most interested in. But the moon is equally important in a chart. This planet relates to the world of emotions, including the nature embedded by nature, nurture and memory. It resides in the subconscious and deals with how a person relates to those around them. The characteristics in this sign might not be apparent to the person they refer to since they reside so deeply in the mind. Others are often better able to recognize these traits, as they are put out there into the world more than they are reflected upon.

A zodiac Moon in Libra creates a person who is capable of a great deal of tolerance, understanding and compassion. There is a duality here of ambition and reliance on others. Diplomatic and open minded their friendly open nature draws others to them. Their dislike of chaos and conflict allows for peaceful relationships. Accordingly, they are not prone to having temper tantrums or behaving rudely. They rely on the approval of others and strive to have people like them, to the point that they subvert some of their own nature. The ambition plays itself out more through hard work than through any scheming or cut throat behavior.

Their desire to be liked can make it hard for them to make decisions and too willing to compromise. It is likely that this type of person will be walked over by others at least once in their lives. Standing up for themselves would cause that conflict that they so try to avoid. Somewhat paradoxically, these people are able to assert themselves and their ideas in a work environment. There just needs to be a trust and understanding in place first. They make excellent long term employees for this very reason.

Having a partner is important since they hate to be alone. They are fiercely loyal to that person and cater to the partner's desires and needs. Stability is more important than the emotions or passion associated with relationships. This person is capable of self sacrifice to the point that there isn't much self left. A partner who doesn't demand too much from the Moon in Libra individual will be best for them in the long run. A partner that does soak up all of that self sacrificing will have an empty vessel on their hands at the end of the day.

Those with their Moon in Libra are good at planning but bad at seeming the plans through to the finish. They do better as part of a team than as a team leader because of this and their difficulty making decisions. Ideas may flow out of the Libra but only if someone else is put in the position of being judged on those ideas. This person doesn't want to risk upsetting or unsettling anyone. Being around- and appreciated by- others is essential to this person's being. The thought of driving those people away is almost too much for them to bear.

By: Victor Epand

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