Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Aries

By Victor Epand

The Sun sign of Aries is the first to occur in the zodiac and represents those born between the dates of March 21st and April 20th. This sign is symbolized by the Ram due to the assertive, direct and headstrong characters of the animal and the Aries person. Famous Aries include the actor Matthew Broderick (and his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker), singer Mariah Carey and actress Reese Witherspoon.

The Aries person is opinionated and shows no hesitation in doing exactly what it is they want to do. Like the Ram, this person will charge ahead of the pack and be a leader. Acknowledging the opinions of others is not their strong suit. Though they are quick to act, they are not always likely to see it through to the finish line. The Aries person needs constant challenges, projects and goals and can't be bothered with the mundane tasks like completion and tidying.

Aries people can learn incredibly fast due to an inherent curiosity. Their self motivation and enthusiasm are offset somewhat by impulsivity. If they are able to gain control over their scattered nature and harness that energy towards one project, anything can be achieved. Patience and cooperation are not the Aries' natural territory but must be cultivated in order to work well with a team.

Also preventing many Aries' from working well on a team is their wicked temper that is lit by a sharp fuse. This can be blamed on the signs ruling planet, Mars, which is associated with combat and war. But the anger drifts away quickly and the Aries person does not hold onto grudges. There is no subtlety to anything they do- to the point where they don't consider it rude to bark out orders. But there aren't devious motivations, either. What you see is what you get with this sign. Tact is possible but it will take this person more work than for those who don't have this zodiac sign.

Aries' have an adventurer's spirit and long for the great wide open where they can be independent. They can leap at any challenge presented before them even if it means battering their horns against a wall. They can lead others into any battle but will leave the red tape and petty responsibilities in someone else's hands. They have more important things to accomplish. Why bother with pebbles when climbing Mount Everest?

When it comes to love, the Aries still believes in chivalry and grand expressions of romance. The chase part of romance is where the Aries truly thrives, as it gives them something to charge after. Since day to day existence holds little appeal for the ram, their attention might wane after the have gained the victory. The Aries can be loyal, generous, romantic and tender but equally as rash and insensitive. They may cause drama in a stabile relationship just to have something to fight for. And if there is any writing on the wall about the demise of the affair, the Aries will be first out the door.

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