Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Characteristics of the Zodiac Venus in Gemini

Author: Victor Epand

In an astrological chart, the planet Venus is associated with how a person expresses their self in their relationships- especially in love, attraction and marriage. It describes how beauty is appreciated and interpreted by the person and also how they relate to others. The sign of the Venus is often the same as the Sun since they can never be more than forty five degrees from each other. In the cases when the signs are identical, the behavior the person has towards people in general translates into their romantic life. If the signs are different, there is a disparity between how they treat people in general and how they treat people they are romantically involved with.

For those who were born with their Venus in Gemini, their love life is defined by curiosity and variety. Incredibly social and flirtatious, their open friendliness, wit and charm attract the intellectual set. Their level of charm is so strong that it may cross the line into superficiality if not kept in check. Fickle and restless towards interpersonal exchanges, they have a need for variety and movement not just in their romantic life but in their professional and plutonic relationships as well. They like to have a wide variety of things and people around them at all times to make it seem as though life is progressing in some way. The fastest way to scare a Gemini is to tell them they have to stay still.

They approach romantic relationships with an enthusiastic optimism similar to a child that carries with it somewhat unrealistically high expectations. Though they have good intentions, this person's attention span doesn't lend well to keeping all of that optimistic enthusiasm pointed in one firm direction. It is extremely unlikely that this person will settle down young. If there is a chance for them to be a life partner at all, it will have to come after they have gotten some of that flitting around out of their system. And that has to be done with time and effort. It is a bit like trying to catch a butterfly with a net.

In order for a lasting relationship to stand a chance with the scattered Gemini, there must be a mental connection and continuous thought stimulation. Their partner must also understand that the Gemini still needs variety even if they are remaining in one spot romantically. They are likely to express the need through an assortment of friends and/or travels. If the Gemini isn't sufficiently challenged and coerced to stay still in their relationship, they are likely to glide on to the next highly regarded possibility. Which would be a shame since the Gemini is capable of a great deal of affection and love when their attention is held. Their partner is often looked upon as if they are the best thing they have ever seen. A danger exists that this person will idealize their partner to the point that the truth- even if it isn't that unfortunate- will send them packing.

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