Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cosmic Engineer Pt. 3: "Healing the Plague"

by Chris Titan

The Cosmic Pulse of Life is a helpful guide to seekers of truth who are bewildered by the oft times lethal reaction their efforts to heal bring as rewards for their efforts. When we understand this "sickness", the emotional plague, we can then come together to heal. Trevor James Constable shows how many would-be-rescuers of humanity have been drowned by the very victim they have risked their own life to save. Yet Trevor is able to show the light in the darkness. There is a path that lies ahead in the dark. Just how dark? We huddle together as Trevor explains:
"When scientists amenable to negative psychic control and devoting their knowledge to death and destruction develop nuclear bombs, armored man had acquired the direct means of planetary suicide. This external physical supplement to the indirect agencies of spiritual sabotage brought the subversion of earth evolution close to achievement."

"The sick posture of the human race proved yet again the two inherent qualities of armored man: structural inability to perceive the truth, and limitless ability to evade the essential."

Trevor believes that a future synthesis of many of the most forward ideas on the borderland of science will, by creating the needed structural understanding of the etheric, embrace the cosmic in every aspect of our engineering.

Leaping into the borderlands Trevor speculates that the bizarre events in the 20th century as UFOs and the likely hood of nuclear war will synthesize into a world beyond its craving for suicidal destruction.

"Would-be UFO investigators who really want to know why the fields around ether ships interrupt electrical flow should give these matters some attention. Dr. Reich had uncovered the technical means by which the curse of atomic weaponry might be lifted from the human future. Radionics was already in existence at the time of the Oranur Experiment. Before too long, some questioning young genius with the right motivation will synthesize these two technical streams. He or she will discover a primary tuning procedure by which atomic explosions may be aborted. When passing UFOs halt electrical flow in power lines, or automobile ignitions, they are demonstrating the principle -albeit inadvertently."

"Amid this monstrous irrationality, culturally sanctioned and publicly financed, the steady life-positive work and discoveries of Wilhelm Reich appear like beacons in the blackness."

By acknowledging how sick some of the human race has become we can work together to find a cure. We are in he dark. Even in our brightest researches we are merely torch bearers interpreting shadows on the wall. But we must...

Chris Titan has been researching on the borderlands of science and perception since 2001. The Cosmic Engineer is a four part commentary on clips and quotes taken from Trevor J. Constables classic text The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

All four parts of The Cosmic Engineer are available:

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