Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cosmic Engineer Pt.4: "The Gloom and Doom"

by Chris Titan

"The Cosmic Pulse of Life exposes how suppression of scientific advances in energy and medicine are a sign of multi-dimensional war on humanity that has stunted our development."
You are not surprised? You have already heard the latest flavor of the month gloom and doom report? But are you familiar with the whistleblower on ultra-terrestrials named Trevor James Constable? Probably not. Nor have you been permitted to learn about the names or ideas that he promotes and has promoted for over 30 years. Reich, Radionics, and Multi-Dimensional Mobsters are, now 30 years later, still fringe ideas not adequately researched. Trevor has done his own independent research and was the first to announce the startling ideas that we are under an invasion of sorts. He says:

"The evidence, theories, findings and syntheses presented in this book are intended to delineate, in a general way, the massive struggle in which humanity is already involved-albeit unawares-for its own future in freedom."

"Inner space, and not outer space, in the invasion route chosen by the Ahrimanic powers. "

"The Ahrimanic powers aim at the enslavement of mankind and make evolution wholly Ahrimanic. That is their nature, and their function in the cosmic scheme of things. Man's future will not be salvaged for him gaggles of golden-haired spacemen disgorging from space ships in rescue squads. Man will win or lose the battle for earth himself, for he is at once the goal of the battle and the battleground."

The battleground according to Trevor and others is the human nervous system. Cosmic Pulse of life traces this war through several of its most brutal battles. Trevor J. Constable is war historian who writes about flying aces of World War I, so it is natural that he will give the most dramatic narrative of actual events where the brutal forces of ignorance enslaved and killed such pioneers of the human nervous system as Wilhelm Reich and Ruth Drown.

This war is still in progress. There is much to learn and a short time to learn it. Trevor is clear on one message....a message of responsibility many dread to heed. Trevor figured out how to reach out and grasp the etheric and this had the power to break away the chains on ideas of what is possible in this world. It is in the crushing of possibility that these dark forces are enabled to stomp out human freedom.

"Man has the right to decide whether or not earth life is going to be surrendered to Ahriman."

"All depends in these days upon an expansion of human awareness,"

Being a practical man the author reminds us that we are not to seek a dreamy, spaced out, opiatated like state of consciousness but,

"Rather must we read from external, objective events their true inner content - never losing our clarity of mind or our connection with everyday life and events as they unfold."

Trevor Constable was able to extend the research into the etheric nature of the UFO phenomena that he learned about from Meade Layne's work with 4-D Ether ideas of UFO manifestations from a higher dimension of space. Trevor sheds the lamp light on many dark areas of obscurity such as the famous...now forgotten astronaut Edgar Mitchell. The story is one we have all heard or experiences first had at this stage in our journey.

"Edgar Mitchell carried out telepathic experiments on his moon voyage--on his own initiative--"

"When Mitchell resigned from NASA and formed a civilian consulting firm, the goal of which was to pursue and promote investigation of the new frontier, his way became strangely hard."

"The question arising is why the inner space explorer found himself with a hard way to go, while those who made no such effort were rewarded bountifully? The answer lies in the purposes and procedures of the Ahrimanic powers in subverting evolution." "He has remained sequestered, despite his best efforts, up until 1987 when this book was translated for European readers."

"What frightens NASA? Disquieting information? Perhaps fear exists, in high places, that someone may come across the same principles of bio-energy, cosmic electronics and cosmology broached in this book. That is a well grounded fear. There are battalions of brighter, younger, better-trained men then me..."

"The plain truth is that unseen, extra-physical entities have expanded their manipulations and destructive capabilities on the physical plane via humans they can control."

What can you do?

You can start by informing yourself. Double checking the sources of your information to make sure it all checks out and that no one is merely manipulating your fear.

Trevor is still active in his work and has been so for well over the 30 years since his early findings were published in Cosmic Pulse of Life. This is a good benchmark to start an earnest research into the borderlands. Trevor has published with Borderland Sciences Research Foundation going back to the early 60's. Much of the source material he used to develop this amazing ideas is still available.

Chris Titan has been researching on the borderlands of science and perception since 2001. The Cosmic Engineer is a four part commentary on clips and quotes taken from Trevor J. Constables classic text The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

All four parts of The Cosmic Engineer are available:

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