Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cosmic Religion

By Anthony J Pace

Definition is limitation; therefore a cosmic religion would remain undefined. Rather, it would be as organic as humanity itself - ever growing, evolving and simplifying. Dogmatic peonage would be replaced by pragmatism. Despite such promise, practitioners of such methodology would be hesitant to scowl at traditional spiritual approaches - as to do so would be to fall into pits that lead to their irrelevancy. Addressing reality upon context would be a hallmark of a cosmic religion. Truths held within traditional religions would not be discarded due to their affiliations, but rather truth would be sought, filtered, and compiled - indiscriminately and with respect. A conservative system of values and beliefs would move towards a more liberal position. Focus on subjective context would prevail, shifting away from patriarchal model of modern man in which knowledge is handed down by the Elite, and towards the importance of personal experience and revelation.

Personally, when people ask me what religion I am, I express that in following one single religion, you'd be cutting yourself short. Spirituality is a quest, and religion a method of journey. Religions should be compared to supply kits and maps. In expedition towards the summit (Divinity, Heaven, Unity, Realization of Self, Nirvana, etc.) a deep analytical understanding of various religions and mystical life styles can converge into a candid avenue, which serves as a guiding mantra to the spiritual process. The process can be imagined to percolate best under the conditions of an intentionally and mindfully designed program. Such a program can be sought to be developed through the recognition of consistencies among belief systems and the isolation of underlying principles found within traditions riddled with cultural (or other) abstraction. In setting the context of a cosmic religion, science would certainly be considered a belief system and source of gnosis, and be included in an atlas of spiritual truth. Well then, this seems as a chance to develop the ultimate travel bag for the soul's journey through the wilderness.

Considering the imminence of technological advancement it is imperative to consider its implications on a method of spirituality. Philosopher Hans Jonas asserts that the development of modern technology has changed the very nature of human action. It is becoming clear that human nature is rapidly changing: for the first time we are able to change ourselves and the word on a global scale. Historical religion has always catered to the human condition providing a seemingly practical guide to everyday living. Considering social, familial, and dietary precepts it becomes obvious that such a design limits an individual process of existence (a person) to an elementary level of humanness. These principles developed prior to the arrival of modern technology were based on a seemingly universal human condition and set of limitations In order to embrace divinity cosmic routine must be implemented. I think this is what the idea of Tao is all about. A universal flow certainly seems to exist, and this is what must be focused on. It is the origin, the structure, and the final destination of all that is. A Cosmic Religion must transcend the minutia of details to which we are emotionally invested, and reflect the beauty and elegance found in the mathematics of the natural world.

Anthony Pace, a writer, philosopher, and web developer, blogs at http://philosophy-explained.com/

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