Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crystals and Gemstone Healing. Does It Really Work?

by Maya Jakes

I'm often asked about Crystals and Gemstones and have recently updated my free eBook on the subject. I'm actually quite surprised at how popular the topic is!

Having said that, I haven't actually included a section specifically for animals and pets so I hope this article helps to answer some of those questions, you may have.

It's extremely important to be relaxed and grounded when using crystals to heal animals. My own Weimaraner became ill fairly recently and I successfully used a combination of Crystal Healing and Reiki to ease his obvious discomfort. Of course, we took him to see a vet just to be sure he wasn't suffering from anything too serious and I would recommend you do the same. (In my opinion, crystal therapy is a complimentary therapy not an alternative therapy)

I initially placed some Amethyst and Rose Quartz under his bed so I could see his reaction to the crystals. He actually curled up, looking very sorry for himself, and had a very long, deep sleep.

I'd also charged a large Amethyst and placed in his water bowl and after a few nudges with his nose he finished off the whole bowl which was very good news as he'd been drinking very little.

Anyone who knows Weimaraners also knows that they are not the type to sit still for long and are extremely inquisitive. However, Smokey Blue was feeling so poorly that he was happy to lie still while I gently circled (anti-clockwise) a tumbled Rose Quartz over his tummy. Why anti-clockwise? I was hoping to remove any nasty bugs that were lurking and often use an anti-clockwise movement before moving on to positive clockwise energy.

At one point, he re-positioned himself so his head was in my lap and I took that as a sign to start the clockwise movement. I put the Rose Quartz to one side and gently used clockwise movements, with a tumbled Amethyst, to increase the positive energy flow to his tummy area. By now he was relaxed enough to fall asleep and I took the opportunity to give some Reiki healing as well.

He wasn't immediately well but after another night, sleeping with the Crystals, he'd perked up by the morning and was almost back to his old self. By lunch time, we all knew he was definitely back to his old self!

Smokey Blue continues to sleep with Rose Quartz and Amethyst under his bed and, I'm extremely pleased to report, he hasn't been ill since.

Remember - Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal that can be used in place of others if they're not available.

Maya writes about many alternative therapies including Mind Power, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Using Herbs. You can download a free copy of her free full colour ebook - Secrets & Powers of Crystals & Gemstones. by clicking here or just visit the website at Crystals and Gems

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