Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Current Life Spread - A Non Traditional Detailed Tarot Spread

By Dipty Gharat

The current life spread is a efficient spread to know precisely about the current life situation and the personality of a particular person, his ambitions or mental state, desire of his heart or emotional state, his physical needs, his emotional needs , his ultimate needs , his ultimate desires, the ultimate possibility, the ultimate obstacle and the ultimate outcome. This spread is of the modern type.

Here, is the structure of the current life spread:

The first card is placed in the center with the second card placed below and the third card being placed above. The fourth card is placed on the left side of the first card and the fifth card is placed on the right. The sixth card is placed below the fourth and the first while the seventh card is placed between the first and the fifth. The eight card is placed below the sixth and the fourth card (forming a triangle)and the ninth card is placed below the seventh and the fifth again forming a triangle. While the tenth card is placed below and between the eight and the ninth (downward pyramid style).

An example,

1) Personality of the concerned person: Page of wands

2) Ambitions/Mental state: The nine of swords

3) Desire of the heart/ Emotional state: The moon

4) Physical needs: The three of cups

5) Emotional needs: The ace of pentacles

6) Ultimate needs: King of wands

7) Ultimate desires: The seven of swords

8) Ultimate possibility: The eight of swords

9) Ultimate obstacle: The ten of pentacles

10) Ultimate outcome: The page of cups


Here the person is blazing, dashing, youthful full of creative energy and with a tinge of innocence. But is in a bad mental state. This persons mental state depicted by the card is extremely disturbed because of guilt and regret. He needs refreshment and love as well as a cheerful atmosphere. He also needs company of beautiful and friendly women. He needs security, money, stability, flourishing business and prosperity. But his ultimate need is to be a king of creativity and earn grand success. He wants to escape or steal away from the world to do things his way but he is likely to get entrapped.

His money oriented nature is proving to be an obstacle in his love life. The ideas in his mind are old and gray. He needs to change his outlook . There is a possibility that he will soon meet a beautiful, compassionate young girl who is loving and caring in nature.

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