Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Danger of Casting Evil Spells

Author: Rose Ariadne

Pioneers in the art and science of Witchcraft knew about the cause and effect relationships between our actions and the result of these actions. If we believe that we have been wronged, many of us get angry and frustrated and wish we could do something to make the hurt go away.

We human beings have this need (or greed?) to see the results of our actions immediately and we feel that we are powerless to prevent anyone from abusing us. However, this is far from true. Only time will tell who is righteous and who is evil.

Young people are usually restless, full of energy and eager to act. Most even do so without thinking about the consequences. However, we all need to know this one rule; all our actions do have consequences! And it may show up today or many years from now!

We may be too busy in life to notice the results of our actions. And most of us are not clairvoyant enough to see the big picture which includes all of the mistakes we have made in our numerous lives before this one. So we believe that unless we see immediate results, what we do is of no consequence. Alas, when the results return to us, most of us do not even connect it with the appropriate past actions.

To understand how our negative or evil actions damage our own life, we have to think very deeply about the Universe, how it was formed, why we are here and where we go after death. Deep questions, aren't they? These are questions that most religions do not have sensible answers for.

The Wiccan Rede in essence states that "Do what you will, as long as it hurts no one". What exactly does that mean? It will take a lot of research and introspection before we understand the depth of this statement.

Take war for instance. Both sides assume that they are right. Of course, they fight until one of them gives up after a lot of bloodshed or economic damage. The other side is victorious and may even declare that they won the war. What do you think? Are there winners and losers in any war? We all lose in one way or another because we are all connected in a special way. If I hurt you, its similar to hurting myself!

Science and research tells us that we can all trace ourselves back to one or two people who first came into this world. It doesn't matter if we are brown, black or white, we are all related in some way! Isn't that wonderful? How would we feel about hurting our own brethren?

Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for over 25 years. Get more info about The Danger of Evil Spells here: http://www.askroseariadne.com/editorials/Danger_or_EvilSpells.html

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