Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Blaine Vertigo Magic Tricks

Author: Munya Chinongoza

When it comes to magic tricks David Blaine is at the top of the list when you think about creativity and also amazement. He has done them all and always manages to shock the audience. David Blaine had his very first television special on May 19 1997 that was called David Blaine: Street Magic. This was the very show that introduced his creative street magic skills to America and the world when it was aired on the ABC network.

In this show he had a strong focus on the reaction given by spectators and showmanship. As a result, this show definitely helped in launching his career. Five years later on the 22nd of May 2002, David Blaine did one of his greatest and most remembered magic tricks.

David used a crane to lift him on top of a 105 feet high and 22 inches wide pillar in New York City’s Bryant Park. He was not harnessed to the pillar however there were two retractable handles on either side of him so that he could hold onto in case unsuspected harsh weather came around. He was hit by high winds and surprisingly cold May weather during his first night and would have been killed or seriously injured if he had fallen.

Blaine stayed on top of this pillar for exactly 35 hours. The only reason he came down was because his legs became weak from standing on top the pillar for so long. He decided to end the stunt by jumping down onto a 12 foot high cardboard box landing platform. Unfortunately he suffered a concussion from the jump.

These vertigo magic tricks he does are quite intensely thought out and should never be tried by anyone. For example, the stunts that he performs on television there is usually a high degree of risk and even potential of death involved. He is continuously coming up with new and even more shocking tricks. It will be quite interesting what he will come up with next to wow his audience.

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