Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Discovering the Meaning of Tarot for You

By Lara Greene

The Meaning of Tarot Cards for You: Judgment

The Judgment card is 20th in the Major Arcana section of the tarot deck. This number breaks down into the number 2 in numerology. It's helpful when learning the meaning of tarot cards to find how the numerology of a card applies to its meaning.

The number 2 can indicate a waiting period or a time of introspection. It can also indicate reconciliation or a reunion with some element of surprise.

Meaning of the Tarot Cards

The Judgment card does indeed fit well with its numerological placement in the deck. When this card pops up, you'll be in a period of evaluation. Some say, that this card is telling you that you are about to receive karma for your previous actions. Whether this karma is good or bad depends on your previous behavior.

Others feel that Judgment indicates you will be awakened to a higher state of consciousness. You may suddenly see things as you never have before. It will be as if a blind fold has been lifted from your eyes and you can look at your situation in the clear light of day.

In love, you could find a new deeper understanding of the word. If you are currently in a relationship, you could suddenly find a deeper meaning or connection there than you thought. If you aren't in a love relationship, Judgment could indicate that you are coming to a deeper idea of love and what it means to be in a love relationship.

Description of the Card

The meaning of the tarot cards are usually tied to their imagery, as you can find in the Judgment card. This card may show a part of the resurrection, said to be seen at the end of the world.

The angel Gabriel blows his horn seven times to awaken the dead from their coffins. You'll see the angel in the picture with a large horn that he is blowing. Below him, may be people with their arms raised in praise standing inside coffin-like boxes.

Their coffins are floating in the sea of the subconscious. When Gabriel blows on his horn, he is awakening you to a higher consciousness from the subconscious.

In addition, Gabriel may have a banner with a cross on it. This symbolizes the balance of all forces in the Universe.

Special Advice: You are changing and so is your life. Be calm and let this change help you find a better way of living.

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