Monday, April 28, 2008

Discovering Your Past Lives

By M Deskins

The best way to have an idea of what your past lives could have been like, is to go back to early childhood and think about the types of "heroes" you have always had. Think about the type of people you have always had a strange fascination with. Think about the comic book character or the video game or movie hero or heroine you always felt a connection with. Did you like a certain character when no one else did? That's a sign that you yourself was once in a situation like theirs before.. I mean not exactly the same of course, especially if it's a fictional story, but if you felt some sort of connection with them it's because a long time ago you yourself had a similar personalty and had a similar life. It's like fate's way of making you see that movie or read that book as a reminder to you of who (or what) you once were.

Of course I am sure you have heard the theory that the things in this life you currently have irrational fears of could have contributed to your demise in the past. Naturally it would be part of human instinct to still fear these things, even if you can't consciously understand why.

All of these things will start to add up if you pay close attention to them and write them down in your diary. While meditating, make a declaration that you wish to uncover information about your past. Think back to all of your childhood heros, your irrational fears, the parts of history you have always had a fascination with, any languages you have had a fascination with, etc.. Think about all of these things and write them down. Write down every important word that comes to mind. Write down all the emotions that you feel and why you think you feel them.

When you are done, go back and read everything you wrote. See if you can connect the dots and put everything together in a way that makes sense to you. Of course you're not going to remember every last detail of your past lives. But you will start to remember the most prominent events, the important events that made you who you were born to be in this life. One really great way to re-experience those important events in the past again is through lucid dreaming, which I have also written an article about.

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