Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do Dogs Really Have A 6th Sense? You May Be Surprised At The Answer!

By ian hollander

In this article we are going to take a quick look at your pet pooch, and see if our favorite four legged friends really DO have an extra set of sensational senses as it pertains to their human housemates! So read on as we explore the fascinating intersection between science and psychic phenomena, only this time, from the perspective of the animal kingdom rather than our own!

There is a tremendous interest in the the fertile philosophy of psychic abilities and animals. Why? It's quite simple. Many pet owners report an uncanny and often times ineffable connection with their pets that seemingly transcends the simple and obvious love that is obviously apparent.

Pets can often display stunning signs of a deeper understanding of things that if accepted, modern scientific paradigms are simply at a loss to explain away. For example, most pet owners will acknowledge that when it comes to a favorite activity, your dog will actually "sense" something special is about to happen, EVEN when you offer no outward sign that this is upcoming.

Can your dog differentiate between you getting ready to go to work, rather than preparing for a walk with him? If so, how? Are you offering cues and clues that would lend themselves to a heightened sense of awareness in the animal, or are they simply able to tap into some sort of something that we can't quite put our collective fingers on?

And how about the dogs, and cats I may add, that sense death? Numerous cases have been reported of this strange phenomena in hospital and hospice settings where an animal with visit the room of someone whose appointment with the hereafter is close, and stay with them until they go.

Or what about the reports of animals fleeing the tragic Tsunami several years ago a day in advance of the event? While their human counterparts were blissfully unaware of what was upcoming, some scientific studies have opined that tens of thousands of animals of all types and stripes made a mass exodus from the shoreline well in advance of the crushing wave that swept over an unsuspecting and unprepared human population alone.

And of course there are the ongoing studies being conducted on simple pet owners like you and I, where the dogs are actually filmed while we are at work. When the owner starts the process of returning home, the "dogs on film" start to show very strange behavior, as if they KNOW their owners are coming home! And this is not the sound of a car, or a set schedule, or any other obvious giveaway - rather, well tested and implemented scientific protocols to ensure an accurate and unbiased basis to examine.

Rupert Sheldrake, the famed biologist known for his writings and research into ESP and many other scientific topics, has studied these phenomena for years, with extraordinarily powerful results that you have to SEE to believe!

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