Thursday, April 10, 2008

Examining Psychic Powers in Science: The Power of the Paranormal in the Lab

By ian hollander

In this article we are going to take a quick look at the marriage of science and psi, or the process of studying psychic phenomenon under the microscope of serious intellectual inquiry, rather than for entertainment value alone. For most of us, psychic phenomena simply serves a side dish of silly, fun and a daily diversion from the seriousness of our own lives. Many people read their daily horoscopes in the newspaper, others visit sidewalk soothsayers in the hope of simply getting a little window of possibility into the wild and wooly world of the unknown and mysterious.

For a small select group of scientists and parapsychologists, this serious inquiry surpasses that of the occasional lighthearted look, and instead has become the focus of their lives work, their PASSION, their purpose and their primary field of study.

As someone who has had a lifelong passion for the unknown, a fascination with mystical and mysterious, I have often found it absolutely incredible that so many of the great discoveries and advancements in PSI research have gone reasonably un noticed by the greater population. At their core, each and EVERY paradigm shattering possibility that is passed represents another notch in our collective belt of potentials as people, both individually and as a whole.

When science can show through rigorous examination that there appears to be a significant mind to mind connection between people, I find that VERY exciting!

When the US government declassifies year's worth of tests and reports on the authenticity of remote viewing experiments, I find it equally as inspiring. When an internationally renowned team of physicians speak on the similarity of Near Death Experiences being reported in emergency and trauma wards throughout the world, this is powerful stuff!

When world class and respected authors, doctors, researchers and writers who dedicate huge chunks of their daily lives to the diligent study of the same, uniformly come to believe that there is FAR more to our ordinary reality than that which our modern materialistic model of the universe would have us to believe, I find this powerful beyond all measure.

So the next time you think that psychic phenomena are only relegated to that woman in the mall with the tacky neon sign on the porch, or the anonymous astrologer in the newspaper who promises that your planets are properly positioned for a great week, think again, look deeper and join those on the tipping point of the new intersection between science and spirit. If you are like me, you'll be happy you did!

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