Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guardian Angels - How To Communicate With Yours

By Sue A. Richardson

Each of us has a Guardian Angel who never leaves our side. He or she often communicates with us, giving us their guidance and love ~ but we have to be receptive in order to act upon their signals. How can we be more open to hearing their messages?

Welcome your angel.

Many people never give a thought to their Guardian Angel, and that's a shame. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and accepted, and your special angel is no exception! You can communicate by speech or thoughts, but by all means "talk" to your angel. This affirmation that you believe will open doors you never imagined!

Create quiet time.

Calming your mind can make you more receptive to angelic communication. Except in cases of extreme emergency, angels speak softly and act gently. If your mind is too cluttered, it may be difficult for your angel to make its guidance known. Calming your mind clears the lines of communication and gives your angel a chance to slip in a suggestion or two that may benefit you.

Recognize communication.

Have you ever had a sudden urge to do something for no apparent reason? Pay attention to these impulses, because your angel may be trying to guide you. It can be as minor as feeling that you should call a friend or as major as deciding that you should make an appointment for a routine checkup. Don't ignore these promptings or over-think them in an attempt to talk yourself out of acting upon them. Follow your heart, not your head.

Ask for help.

Don't be embarrassed or hesitant to ask your angel for help. They are there for you and are only too happy to assist you. This doesn't mean that you have a never-ending supply of favors to be granted. Your Guardian Angel is not a Fairy Godmother who grants wishes upon your command. That's why it's important to...

Know how to ask.

Sometimes our thinking is too narrow. Asking for something too specific can lead to disappointment. For example, if you're longing for a romantic interest, you may be tempted to name a specific person. It's better - and much more fun - to simply ask for romance to enter your life. This gives your angel more leeway to assist you, and gives you more flexibility to be open to your angel's suggestions.

Thank your angel.

Always remember to thank your angel when you sense their intervention. You might want to create a ritual of saying Good Morning and Good Night to your angel. Acknowlege that you're grateful for their presence. This will create an awareness within you that your angel is always near, watching over you, protecting you, and guiding you.

The love of our Guardian Angel is one of the most precious relationships we have. Begin acting on these tips now to make the most of that alliance.

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