Friday, April 11, 2008

Haunted Places or Deception?

By John J Lucas

While I was running throughout the island of Tinian back in the mid-eighties, I came upon a shrine or monument signifying the site where Japanese soldiers were brutally killed by American soldiers. It was a hot, steamy day with a light wind and very quiet. I felt alone. There was this whispering that sounded like many people trying to whisper and express themselves over the other. I had a cold chill up my back and thought maybe I had heat exhaustion. I bolted and ran back to my Coast Guard ship; but not before I jumped a fence and got chased by a bull and had to jump another fence. I wasn't able to stay there and had to run. Why? I don't know. Looking back now, I wonder if I over reacted.

I have been to Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Yorktown, Cold Harbor and several old Castles in Germany and Italy. I can't say that I ever saw anything; but I can surely say that I felt I was being watched and that I had best move on. There is an enjoyment in going to sites like this because of heritage, curiosity or even closure regarding family history in an event that was horrific.

The boat I was on in the Coast Guard was said to have been haunted or maybe I just wanted to believe it. Many of us would hear unexplained knocking like metal on metal. It was rumored that a construction worker fell in between the double hull during the ships' construction and was never rescued. I was on mid-watch one night and went to the aft of the ship to oil some couplings and walk my post as a fireguard along with several other duties to stay up on. I opened the hatch and latched it open to do my checks and when I turned around the hatch was secured. Those doors make alot of noise and I did not hear a thing. I thought I was nuts and felt scared and started to look around the ship for anything out of place. Next day I explained this scene to many of my shipmates and it was no surprise to them.

Some would say that ghosts do not exist...that spirits do, whether good or evil. Others may ask what the Bible says regarding this and give their interpretation that the dead cannot speak...that body and soul dies and sleeps until the Christ Jesus returns. It's perplexing when there are thousands of accounts and sightings by many who had never thought twice about ghosts in their life. Sightings and accounts have been recorded since the beginning of time and a person must from time to time wonder why that is so.

Gettysburg is a classic place to delve into the paranormal. There is so much activity there and why would that be? Don't the dead rest if their demise was tragic. Did they earn rest and peace or do they not want to rest? Could there really be a ghost platoon that marches around and disappears or Confederate troops in the wood line waiting? Does the Cashtown Inn where General Lee and his staff stayed really haunt the premises. Thousands have said so. What are these spirits? Ghosts of people or satans' demons?

Joshua Chamberlain once wrote about the march to Gettysburg. On the way while marching at night during a terrible thunder and lightening storm; he claims that George Washington was on the ridge above them watching and riding on his horse back and forth; as if to suggest that he was a sentinel watching over them for what reason, can only be speculated.

I would sure like to talk to George Washington and see if he has any insight on how to save our economy as well as all the other domestic issues that plague our great nation. As far as the paranormal and ghosts...much research is going to be required. Part of me is enthralled with the legends and folklore. Part of me wonders what benefit Satan would have by sending his demons to transform themselves into our loved ones and past heroes when all we want is to live in peace and make a living regardless of Satans' agenda.

I'm inclined to think that since God created the world and the Bible was inspired through Him. Maybe we should consult the Bible and therein may be the answers.

Personally, I would really appreciate any feedback possible regarding experiences of other readers.

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Respectfully...J Lucas

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