Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Cast A Spell With No Negative Karma

Author: Rose Ariadne

The Wiccan Rede states that all practitioners of Wicca are free to do what they will, unless their actions shall cause harm to anyone. Wiccans do not believe in an external entity that judges them at the end of their lives. They believe that they will see the fruits of their action in this lifetime itself.

This is decried by the Three Fold Law which states that each of our actions will be returned three-fold by the Universe. This means that if we perform positive actions that benefit others, we will receive three times as many positive experiences; conversely, if we hurt anyone else, we do receive our punishment by being on the receiving end of multiple negative experiences.

Our soul is considered to be an ageless, sexless, spark of Divinity. We are on par with the Deities, who are also spirits or energies akin similar to the soul. In fact, Wiccans believe that every animate and inanimate object in this Universe has a spirit. This includes the rivers, the mountains, rocks, the wind, rain, sky, etc. Everything we observe has a spirit which may be affected by our actions and which can also at the same time, guide our actions.

To reduce the amount of negative experiences that we receive, we have to consciously reduce the amount of negativity we put out in to the Universe. This brings us back to the Law of Karma which essentially helps us to move towards higher and higher states of consciousness by gently prodding us in that direction..

Although Karma reminds us to behave in a positive manner, it is not a punishment scheme. Rather, Karma helps us to become better individuals by fine tuning our behavior towards the perfection of our spirit. Anger, Greed, Jealousy and Bitterness are examples of negative emotions that sap our strength and reduces our ability to create wellness of our spirit.

Wicca practitioners have to consider every aspect of their decision when they decide to work on a spell. One of the considerations is the immediate and direct consequence of the spell. But there are also long term effects that need to be reflected upon. Let us list the list of issues we need to figure out before casting a spell:

Does it hurt anyone directly and immediately?
Will it hurt anyone indirectly or at a later time?
Will this action cause a chain reaction which may hurt someone?
Is the subject of the spell aware of our actions?
What can we do to ensure that no one gets hurt by the result of this spell now or in the future?

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