Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to Get a Real Psychic Reading - Read Here to Find Out!

By Amos Amsterdam

Anyone who is interested in psychic phenomena has unquestionably faced the daunting task of picking a "real" psychic. If you are getting your first reading, choosing a reader who simply bought a pack of tarot cards a few months earlier and is trying to earn an easy living seems almost equally as likely as getting somebody with some real talent! How do we discern and discriminate between the two groups to ensure we get a reading we are happy with? Very simple! Do some research - and not necessarily on the psychic him or herself, but rather, on the phenomena as a whole, to ensure you are an informed consumer. Read on as we take a closer look.

I know people aren't going to be happy to hear this, but I'd MUCH prefer you see a psychic who doesn't use tarot cards, than one who does. I'd rather see you provide NO information when making the appointment, or even better, simply dropping in if at all possible. I'd prefer you understand the process of cold reading, fishing and asking leading questions, as there are all kinds of easy psychological and body language cues that can ensure even a novice can "read your mind" simply by guiding you verbally to where you want to go. Knowledge IS power, and simply arming yourself with the information that a less skilled, or even unscrupulous psychic reader may use, will go a long way in ensuring the one you pick, does not. And lastly, remember not to be bashful!

Most fortune teller types understand human nature impeccably well, and know that your fear or confrontation, contradicting the information you are getting, may be stronger than clarifying the reading. Don't fall victim to this, as it's the most powerful weapon that any poor reader will use to take your money, stay in business, and give REAL readers everywhere a bad name. There ARE gifted psychics, mediums and people with extraordinary skills just need to know how to find them. Follow the simple tips above and you will be one step closer to getting one, I guarantee it!

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