Thursday, April 10, 2008

Karma & the Soul - The Soul Constellation

By Raven Dakini

You may think of your Soul as a star, partially held by your body and being. It is at times bright and shining, reflected in your eyes and smile as it shines outward. At other times it appears more dim, perhaps you are depressed, tired and low energy. However, our Soul is not truly a single star, contained within our physical body in this present time and space on earth. Rather our Soul is both... a single star; incarnated in this body at this time, as well as a grouping of stars, a Soul constellation if you will, simultaneously incarnated in multiple other times and places. We know from the work of Einstein, and his theory of Relativity, that there is truly no past, present and future. We merely experience life that way, most of us anyway, for the purpose of sanity. This makes for a much saner population. As an advanced soul, often a healer, to truly heal, serve Spirit and fulfill our Spiritual Purpose we must transmute the lower consciousness, or shadow Material, of all parts of our Soul... each star in the constellation.

First, through various types of Soul work and clearing, we release denser low Vibe Shadow Material from this life, and all parallel lives, which reduce our frequency... then we raise our personal Vibration and Frequency through work to Illuminate and visibly express and experience more Light, or Energy. Illumination is the act of raising the global Frequency, or Vibration, of our Soul, our Body and entire Being which can be done for this and all parallel lives.

What we eat, read, and think about, or look upon and listen to affects the Vibration of our Life Force and Being. Many other things from the everyday, such as subconscious, repressed negative polarity emotion, as well as the esoteric, often invisible to your average five-sensory person, affect our global Frequency or Vibration.

The every day may include unresolved childhood trauma held, or trapped, in the consciousness of dissociated Inner Children and the esoteric may include entities, attachments, demons, ET implants and devices... or other kinds of etheric and energetic material.

To release low Vibe Shadow Material we use techniques such as:

Clearing the Field and Shielding, Spirit and ET implant releasement, demonic release, release of disembodied spirits and negative energies. It is important to release connections to low vibe guides and teachers who may have been suitable in a previous incarnation. Exploring and healing parallel lives, clearing patterns related to Karma and childhood issues, male-female balancing, chakra de-cording.

To Illuminate and receive high Vibe Light and frequencies I use techniques such as:

Some of this work involves connecting with Guardian Angels, co-creating shields and cone-ings. I can do specific ritual to invoke and allow a person to receive the highest Vibe guides and teachers that their current Vibration will allow. Various techniques are employed to access guidance and open to healing and integration. Using spiritual ritual, including meditation and prayer, and gratitude journaling, and the like, to access and fill with beautiful high Vibe frequencies.

I can also receive guidance by exploring Karmic relationships, love and otherwise, channeling or voice dialogue with your Guide's, Teachers, Master Guides and Spirit Animals to discuss your Spiritual mission and Soul contracts, including examining Soul Mates and Soul Partnerships you may have contracted for, and exploring the evolution of your Soul (sometimes we have a sort of Soulular reincarnation in this lifetime or new expression of Soul coming in).

In conclusion, it is both necessary to transmute and release all negative polarity low Vibe material through everyday and esoteric purification and release work as well as Illuminate to make radical and lasting changes in Love, Health & $.

Raven Dakini, Parallel life Egyptian Priestess, is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient Shaman with direct visual, audio and kinesthetic access to her own and others Parallel lives, Karma and current life experience. She uses her intuitive and psychic gifts to offer Spiritual Guidance about the next step for you. She helps clients release or transmute lower frequency vibes and states of consciousness that manifest as $, love and health issues and access higher and higher frequency vibes and states of consciousness, such as G-d/G-ddess Consciousness to help clients Vibe their Heart and Soul's Desires. Her training includes Energy Transformation & Release, Dream Work and Intuition Development, Kabbalah (Mystical Judaism), Meditation Techniques, Celtic, Toltec Shamanism and other Native Healing Traditions. Contact her 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext. 0497835 or at

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