Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Magic Spell To Attract What You Desire

There is a wide variety of love spells out there that can meet just about any need that follows the Wiccan Rede rule of "an harm ye none, do as thy will". The following spell works by opening you up to the reception of that which you desire. The first mental step of that process is actually identifying what it is that you desire. With that knowledge, and a handful of ingredients easily found online or in a New Age shop, you can call upon the elements for assistance. This spell is best left to those who have done some magic work before since there are quite a few objects involved (and a lot of open flames), including an altar.

If you are new to magic and are determined to have the following spell cast, approach a practicing member of Wicca and ask for their assistance. There are websites that claim they can do it for you but it works much better when you are present. That said, make sure the person you ask for help is someone you know and trust (or take someone else along). Wiccan or not, you shouldn't be wandering out into the woods at night with strangers bearing knives.

Attract What You Desire

Pink cloth
Rose petals
Elder flowers
Rose oil
One moonstone
One lodestone
One white stone
Three green stones
Three light pink candles
One dark pink candle
Photo of a dove
Ritual knife


Face the altar west and cover with the cloth. Light the incense and sprinkle the ritual area with the elder flowers and half of the rose petals. Place two of the lit light pink candles around the altar at the ends. The dove photo should go at the center of the rear of the altar, behind the lit dark pink candle. The third light pink candle should be put into the cauldron unlit and the duo set in the center of the altar. Around the cauldron, sprinkle the remaining rose petals and the thyme and yarrow. Scatter the stones among those herbs.

Trace a circle around the altar with a wand or finger. With the knife, carve what you desire into the candle in the cauldron then anoint with oil. Charge the candle with the desires from your hands. Light it and speak these words:

The candle of power, the candle of sight
Make clear my desires to me on this night.
Energy streams from the candle fire
Deliver to me my heart's true desire.
These words are strong,
The victory is done.
So I state, this spell is won.

Then call on the water elements by saying:

Residents of water, bringers of light,
Help guide the spell I make tonight.
Decreed by the (insert love deity of choice),
Felt deep in my heart,
Unite us together, stronger than apart.

Blessings I extend to those who aid,
Between we friends such a promise made.

Extinguish the two light pink candles around the altar but allow the dark pink candle and the one in the cauldron to burn out on their own. Once they are out, clean up your altar, leaving behind the herbs spread out for the nature spirits.

By: Victor Epand

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for magic, art, and Tantra. You can find the best marketplace for magic, art, and Tantra at these 3 sites for love spells and candles, art, and Tantra.

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