Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making the Cards Work for you - Choosing the Tarot Deck That Taps Your Greatest Potential

by Lucy Barnett

When first thinking of using Tarot cards, it's difficult to know where to start. Just picking a Tarot deck to work with out of the thousands available can be a taunting task. For the newbie Tarot reader, the mystery of how one selects the ideal deck remains.
Every Tarot reader has their own preference of which deck works best for them. In some cases, this preference can transform into the belief that there are only one or two decks appropriate to use. While it there are some decks that are easier for the beginner to interpret, it is an individual choice which would work best. When you're considering picking your first deck, keep these points in mind...

Match your style! With the million and one variations in Tarot decks, you have the chance to match your taste and preference with the perfect deck. Whatever design period, artist, hobby, or theme, there is great chance of having a Tarot deck to match.
While the illustrations are only half of a deck's personality -the card interpretations are equally important- pictures can create an evocative experience for both the Tarot reader as well as the client. Think carefully of the colours you love: rich jewel tones, pastels, monochrome.

If there are any artists that you particularly admire, search for a Tarot deck inspired by their work. Fan of Art Nouveau? There are many beautiful decks in this distinctive style. If you choose a Tarot deck that you love the looks of, it will inspire the best efforts from you.

Define the deck. Every Tarot deck will contain subtle (and major) differences in the definitions of the Tarot cards as well as card names and positions in the deck. For many beginner Tarot readers, the only guide they have to learn the meanings of the cards is what comes with the deck.
It's crucial to realize that just as the card meanings will change according to the reading, Tarot decks also contain variations. If if is possible to read some excerpts from the guide and compare the same card meaning from different decks, you can get an idea of the mood of the deck.

Just like it is important to select a Tarot design that works with your sense of style, it is also necessary to find one in sync with your mindset. Once again, if your Tarot deck works with you, you'll have a much easier time working with it.

If At First You Don't Succeed... You might have purchased a Tarot card after looking at the design and definitions and thought you had the perfect match. And then you started to work with them and - there's no real connection.
The cards feel flat in your hands and pictures that seemed whimsical feel garish to you now. What next? Find another deck and start again.

Take that first deck and let someone else use them via eBay, kijiji or cragislist. Go to stores that carry a good variety of Tarot decks and try them in person. Read other people's Tarot deck reviews. See if there are any cards you can borrow from a friend to try out. It might take you longer than you'd like to find your perfect deck but persevere and your readings will benefit from it.

Reading Tarot is a long term relationship of discovery and guidance. Start your journey in the right direction by finding the Tarot deck that inspires and moves you.

Copyright 2008

An artist and writer, Lucy loves anything that makes her creative juices flow. Using her 20 years experience with the Tarot and as a professional clairvoyant, Lucy dreams of giving everyone the resources and encouragement needed to become their own guru.

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