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Mataphysics and Cosmic Law Part 1

By Ron Sutten

Overview: Metaphysics could be defined as the science of inquiry into that which is beyond the realm of the physical. It is the study of the true nature of the universe and, more specifically, the purpose of life on earth.

There are core truths, or understandings, which govern our perceivable reality. These truths are spiritual laws that are common to all religions and metaphysical movements.

Planet Earth is a School

This is a Spiritual Truth. This planet we inhabit is not a place of random disorder. It is a school... one that is governed by spiritual laws. These laws affect all of us whether we are aware of them or not. The on-going drama that we experience as our lives is actually a series of teachings. The purpose of these teachings is to aid us in our spiritual evolution.

Maya, The Illusion of Life

"Maya" is an eastern term which refers to the illusion of life. What can be perceived through the physical senses, all the phenomena of the physical realm, is temporal. Anything temporal can be considered an illusion because it is merely a reflection of an underlying, foundational reality which is eternal. This is a Spiritual Truth.

Everything is Energy in Motion

All things on planet Earth, and all matter in the universe, are composed of pure energy. If you were to view anything through a powerful microscope would see that it is made up of energy (photons, neurons, etc.), which is in constant motion. Vibrating at different levels according to the density of the matter. What is more, some of those microscopic elements are actually popping in and out of existence!

Our bodies are also energy in motion, vibrating at a certain level. Those things which vibrate in harmony with our physical bodies are viewed as "real", while those things outside our rate of vibration are "unreal".

Higher Planes

According to cosmic law, the universe is made up of a series of interpenetrating planes, or dimensions. Each plane vibrates at a rate which renders it invisible to the planes above and below it. Those planes that are vibrating at a higher rate than the physical are called the "higher planes".

The planes governing life on planet Earth are, from highest to lowest, the causal, the mental, the astral, and the physical. Our consciousness is normally confined to our physical body and, therefore, the physical realm. However we have other bodies that are native to the other planes as well.

The Soul

The Causal body, more commonly known as the soul, is the stable vehicle through which our Consciousness, our True Self, experiences the lessons of planet earth. We experience many different mental, astral and physical bodies during our enrollment in the school of planet earth, but only one Causal body, or soul.

The Causal body retains a record of all our experiences on planet earth. It also serves as our home in between incarnations on the lower planes. During the time our Consciousness resides on the Causal plane between lives, we are able to integrate the lessons of the most recent incarnation with those of past incarnations, thereby determining the nature of our future developmental needs.

When a new incarnation is to begin, we project our Consciousness downward into the lower planes forming mental, astral and physical bodies.

The True Self

Our Consciousness is divided into two selves, the Higher Self and the lower self. Through identification with our lower selves our consciousness develops a personality or "ego". Our Consciousness, when united with the Causal body, or soul, becomes our Higher, or True Self. Those following a spiritual path seek to draw energy from the Causal body, or soul which is beyond identity with the ego. The True Self is the Self which includes Soul Awareness. At the True Self level we are one with the Divine.

The Lesson of Planet Earth

If at the True Self level we are one with the Divine, why do we need to experience multiple incarnations? Spiritual law tells us that Planet Earth is a school and life is a teaching we are offering ourselves. What are we learning? We are learning how to become gods and goddesses. Divine Spirit established the lower planes in order that we might learn to utilize our god like creative powers in an environment conducive to such learning.

The Law of Karma

The law of Karma states that we must experience the results of that which we cause. Until we progress in consciousness to the point where we see every reality and experience as the result of causes we ourselves put into motion, we need extra help to see the lessons. Karma does this by ensuring that we experience the results of every cause we have set in motion until we realize that all experiences are of our own making. Once this wisdom is gained we can begin to create an ever more joyous reality, thereby mastering our god/dess like creative powers and manifesting our Higher Selves on Earth.

Karma can be carried over from past lives. When this happens it manifests in the form of a karmic seed.

The Spiritual Law of Mind

Our goal is to be transformed from physical consciousness to Divine consciousness. The mind is the tool for doing this. The mental plane is the source of the results we experience on the physical plane. The mental body is vibrating at a higher rate than the astral body and the astral body is vibrating higher than the physical body. As the higher plane governs the lower plane, all reality on the physical plane must originate on the plane of mine. A thought initiates a feeling on the astral plane, and the combination of thought and feeling manifests a reality on the physical plane. This process of descending energy is stated in the ancient Hermetic axiom "As Above, So Below".

The mental body extends beyond that of which we are normally conscious. One part of the mental body is called the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a spiritual computer designed to assist us in our present incarnation. One function of the subconscious mind is to record all of our experiences during this incarnation. Another function is the formulation of thought forms that serve as the framework for the creation of reality on earth. The conscious mind has the ability to program the subconscious mind. When this power is not exercised the subconscious becomes programmed at random from the variety of input being recorded each day. The subconscious is like a computer... garbage in, garbage out.

Since we know that the mental plane controls our reality on the physical plane, it becomes very important that we become aware of the input that is received, and that we are able to control it.

Continued in part 2 with The Application of Spiritual Laws

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