Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Month of Taurus, 2008

By Sharita Star

We fix ourselves into Spring as the Sun enters beauty-seeking Taurus. Like all of the Zodiac's organizational signs, it is time to get grounded and rooted into the season at hand. The feminine fixed earthen energy of Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, and guided by the harmonious planet Venus. These gentle natives enjoy what is artistic, beautiful, nature-oriented, and financially secure. Wherever you find a talented soul assuring stability in life, you'll find a tried and true Taurus behind the task.

With a practical reality marking their every move the Taurus is known to be an enterprising spirit, while cautious acts brings them to prosperity. They must learn to withstand from being stubborn, for when they remain too fixed to their values and approaches to life, stagnation is easy to set in. When they keep in mind they are much like a like a tree, always rooted, yet still they must allow change to occur slowly when patience, their finest virtue, is adhered to.

The properties of Taurus rule the 2nd Zodiac House in the natal birth chart. This is the piece of the astrological wheel that represents the area of life that represents our values and ability to earn one of Taurus's favorite things, money along with the material things it provides for us. As one views their natal chart, the House Taurus energy falls (the Rising Sign or Ascendant determines how each sign is placed within the individual chart) is the one area of life where there will be a stabilizing and patient force. Any planets that may be placed in Taurus in the birth chart also take on their natural expression in the personality through the qualities of this conservative sign.

Taurus celebrates two important mother-oriented holidays as our Sun visits this maternal sign. This is the time we ask the collective to honor both our own maternal figures and Mother Earth herself. The innate understanding of the moral and emotional courage one needs to nurture children, often makes a Taurus the successful parent. Venus graces the Bull with a sensuality that ensures their expression of affection is a wide open door.

As we become fixed into spring, we see plenty of activity within our inner and outer planets. On May 19th, a rare Zodiac "Blue Moon" falls- the second Full Moon within our Sun's passage through Taurus, marking two in a row in Scorpio. Astrological law dictates the sign the Full Moon passes through is always in opposition to the current Sun sign. Naturally the luminosity of the Moon's peak allows us to bask in the light of the delicate balance of these opposing forces.

Values and financial dealings become grounded and stable over Venus's passage into Taurus upon April 30th. Communications become stimulated to intellectual pursuits as Mercury enters Gemini upon May 2nd. An organized and creative period starts as Mars enters fiery Leo on the 9th. As always be sure to check your individual birth chart to note the Zodiac Houses these transits personally affect.

Saturn leaves his first Retrograde Period during his stay in detailed-oriented Virgo on May 2nd. Ease and flow returns to Virgos and the Virgo ruled piece of anyone's "Zodiac Pie" as the planet of responsibility once again moves in forward motion. Ideally self- reliance should be adhered to, while we see progress that relates to matters where attention to detail and perfectionist means are required.

May we all stand for truths that are secure and stable while cherishing genuine values as we become rooted into Spring.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides between New York City and her country home in Chatham, NY while currently finishing her first book.

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