Sunday, April 13, 2008

Present Ideas With Birthstones

Author: Colin Holliday

If you happen to be slightly unfamiliar with birthstones they are gemstones that reflect every month. For instance, for the month you were born, there is a certain birthstone. Now these birthstones can be many different kinds including diamonds or precious stones.

Some people consider birthstones to be a luck symbol and believe their healing powers are enhanced when they wear them during the month of their birthday. If you were born in January your birthstone is Garnet and it would be suggested you would benefit more by wearing Garnet in January.
Surprisingly, if someone does in fact believe in the power of birthstones, they might purchase a set of twelve, so that they can wear one each month, not just for their own birth month. You might consider doing this as well if you believe you can benefit from it. You will of course need to know the gemstone for each month.

Jewellery is the most popular gift when it comes to giving a birthstone for a present. Many stores carry birthstones giving you the opportunity to find almost anything for that special someone. You have the option of choosing jewellery such as a necklace, ring, bracelet or even earrings.

While jewellery is one of the most popular birthstone gifts there are also other items for your consideration. You might choose an angel, for that special angel lover that includes their birthstone in the design of the angel somewhere.

Another great consideration is a ring that includes each birthstone colour. The ring will have a way for you to change the stones every month, letting you enjoy the ‘powerful benefits’ of the stones. This would be the perfect gift for someone that enjoys wearing all the birthstones and not just their own.

Another great piece of jewellery to consider for a present is a family stone bracelet or necklace. What is this? Suppose you have five members in your family total. You could give your mother a bracelet or necklace that represents each family member’s birthstone. This is a favourite among many birthstone lovers because it gives them two things in one.

There are a variety of gemstone pendants to choose from as gift ideas as well. Many stores nationwide have at least a small selection of jewellery specializing in birthstones. Check your local phonebook for listings and go find that perfect gift for your special someone. They will love the birthstone and the heart that you put in to getting it for them. Be sure you pick out the one that grabs your attention the most and that you know they will love.

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Anonymous said...

that's so weird i stumbled upon this blog about birthstones. I got one for my birthday this year (January). I had always thought of getting something less traditional with my birthstone in it..but I was given this truly stunning ring, that made me change my mind. It's a red rhodolite cushion cut garnet ring by Ann Sportun. I think my husband found it on Now that I have something with my birthstone..I can say i truly think there is something to the connection I feel with it. Like it was meant to be mine.