Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Psychic Chat Online - Popular Believe and Technology

By: Ivan Cuxeva Jr

Psychic readings have been around for a very long time and there are many techniques used by people who have psychic abilities in order to interpret someone's fortune. The abilities these individuals have are often referred to as extra sensory perception, this is basically the gift of being able to perceive things that a normal person would not be able to using only the five senses.

This information may be hard to believe to some, however recent studies performed by the Gallup organization have shown that over 41% of the random American population sampled do in fact believe in some sort of extra sensory perception, an additional 26% of those interviewed said to believe in clairvoyance and furthermore a whopping 31% of those interviewed believed in psychic communication and even telepathy; these numbers leave out a 2% of those interviewed were skeptical to the whole concept in the first place.

Some people may argue that those who believe in psychics or paranormal ideas may not be very well educated however, such an argument can be easily thrown into question if we take in consideration a 2006 study conducted by researchers from the University of Oklahoma, who used a total of 439 college students on a poll in order to find out what was a percentage of students who believed in psychic phenomena. According to the results, seniors (who are usually consider more educated) were more likely to believe such concepts than the average freshman, these poll shows that over 31% of the college seniors who participated in the poll believe in psychics or paranormal ideas just as 34% of graduate students.

These numbers lead us to believe that the lack of education and general knowledge doesn't necessarily explain the very popular belief in extra sensory perception or the world of the paranormal.

Taking these ideas, studies and concepts in consideration and can see why online psychic readings have become more popular over the years as technology changes the way we communicate with each other, the people are obviously more educated as time goes by, new concepts and technological advances are taught to us as well as information about the spiritual realm, this combination has obviously opened the doors for people who have questions regarding their lives and future to come into contact with those who can provide an answer to their concerns, and as we have previously stated these are known as the psychics.

Today, just about anyone is able to get in touch with a psychic used in the web, this activity is referred to as psychic chat online, this way of consultation turns out to be quite convenient to the great amount of people who believe in this concepts because they are able to get more information about the background, knowledge and specialties of the person they are talking to instead of being redirected for the first-person who becomes available on a phone consultation.

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