Thursday, April 17, 2008

Psychic Readings Explained

By Keith Ward

People from all walks of life contact psychics for many reasons. Some might need to get over a bad situation or heartbreak. Other people might be searching for a clearer perspective on their life and some just visit out of curiosity. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of psychically gifted people around to help those seeking valuable information and insights.

Different Types of Psychics

Psychics work in different ways. Some use tools such as a crystal ball or set of tarot cards. Some incorporate numerology or astrology into the reading. Others just use their own psychic abilities.

Some psychics use clairvoyance which means they have the gift of clear sight. This doesn't necessarily mean they can view the future but they are able to view scenes from the past, present or future which is important to the querent (person having the reading). Clairaudience means clear hearing and physics who are clairaudient are able to hear information. This could be voices from spirit, messages or music. It could also be a message from a spirit guide. Clairsentience means clear sense. A clairsentient feels or senses things rather than hearing or seeing them. This might be an emotional feeling or a physical pain. This is all about feeling what others feel.

Having a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is usually a one on one meeting in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere. It usually happens face to face but it is also possible to have a reading over the phone, by live chat on a computer or even by email. For this to be successful, the psychic will need to make a connection with the querent. For most psychics, this is easier face to face but some telephone or email readings can be extremely accurate too.

Readings vary in length. If you are having a telephone reading, you might be paying per minute, so the time is up to you. With an email reading, you will have a rough idea of how many words the reading will be. With a face to face reading, you will book a time slot.

How to Choose a Psychic

There are many gifted psychics out there but unfortunately a lot of charlatans too who are just after your money. The best way to find the right one for you is to ask friends or family for recommendations. If you are choosing a psychic online, they will have testimonials from previous clients or a rating system.

How Much Does it Cost?

Psychic readings vary in price and the most expensive price does not guarantee the best. Some offer their services for free or for a small charge. Others charge more because this is the only income they have. Some may charge huge fees which many people cannot afford.

Whatever type of psychic reading you choose, you should be open minded and relaxed in order to enjoy the experience. You might want to take notes or record the session so you can look back on it in the future. A reading from a good psychic should be a pleasant, helpful and enlightening experience.

Keith Ward is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Professional Clairvoyants, which offers Psychic Readings with fully qualified Senior UK Clairvoyants and Psychics.

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