Thursday, April 10, 2008

Qi Energy & Physical Movement Abilities

Author: A. Thomas Perhacs

Chi Power Training or Qigong as some call it, can bring many benefits that would seem to be "unbelievable" to some.

We always talk about "building the internal body" to create new and unique abilities. These abilities will allow you to do things that seemingly normal people could never do.

Or do they?

How many times do we hear about a story of someone that summons supernatural strength, speed or abilities, only to lose them once the situation is over?

This can be attributed to adrenalin or the short-term use of the subconscious mind allowing the ability to come through.

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool and can shield us from harm in many, many cases. Sometimes the subconscious will trigger and tap into a part of the self that allows these "gifts" to shine.

In Chi Power Training, we are training the body and mind to be able to use these skills at will, not luck.

However, these skills and abilities must be harnessed, must be honed and most of all the flight time or training needs to be put in.If you don't train properly with the correct methods, your time can be wasted.

I get calls weekly from practitioners that have been practicing qigong for 20 years or more and yet have no real skills.

How can this be?

Having the right Concepts, Methods and Tactics are the key.

Do you have the dedication and commitment to allow yourself the chance to become greater than you ever thought you could? Well that is what committing to Chi Power Training is all about.

So what are some of these extraordinary abilities that you can learn or manifest?

* Executing moves in sports beyond your normal ability while sensing a new power or "self." This is a direct result of getting your body to do what you want when you want it. It will take some time, but after all, we all have time.

* Sensing physical levitation during strenuous physical exercise, prayer or lovemaking. This is a weird one, but I have had several people confide in me that these types of experiences have happened. I can also say I have had several if not all of these as well, and I can tell you the exhilaration of knowing that something very special is happening.

* Experiencing flight as if in a subtle body, during an especially vivid dream or state of creative absorption. Are dreams really dreams or are they a differently interpreted reality? If you really want to delve into getting these concepts to work for you, you need to get a hold of our Phase I package which includes Chi Power Plus and Mind Portal. Mind Portal will train you how to develop the subtle body and lucid dreaming, while Chi Power Plus will start the energy developing process.

* Out-of-body experience (during which you may see your own body) after which you report events that could not be known to you in ordinary circumstances. When this happens to you, it will become apparent that we are here for a purpose and that God's designs are so awesome that we can't even comprehend what he has in store for us. OBE is something everyone does (I believe we all leave at night) but few actually embrace or even remember it happening. Ever have a dream where you are falling and you suddenly wake up? Could this be your spirit shooting back into your body? Think on this.

* Experiencing an extraordinary pleasure in movement accompanied by an apparent release of new energies in particular body parts. This would be your body shooting chi out or chi moving in such a way that you feel it as an overwhelming sensation.I remember cleaning a glass window years ago and feeling a strange sensation in my knees and then feeling a release as the glass I was holding imploded into thousands of pieces at my feet.Not exploding, but imploding like a building does. Straight down to the floor, no damage, and the glass was the size of small bbs.

These are more of what you will experience in this journey into creating a new you through Chi Power and our method of Qigong training. If you have any questions or comments please contact us for more information. To learn how to begin the process of discovery contained in this article,

Scientific Premium Company-USA/ Sifu Perhacs, has been teaching individuals to create powerful chi energy to use for meditation, sports, healing and even business since the mid 80's.For our FREE 45 minute MP3 Seminar on chi energy, just go to the following page.

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