Monday, April 28, 2008

The Scary World of Clairvoyance

By Jan Gamm

There are those who believe in the spirit world and those who do not, it is as simple and straightforward as that. I am one of those who never did, until a clairvoyant took my cynicism and exploded it into a million pieces, simply by giving me a little information she could not possibly have acquired other than by speaking to someone close to me who passed away years ago.

I recently had a conversation with a lady who was deeply attached to her father. Her Dad died many years ago yet she was so close to him she can still barely bring herself to speak of him without tears welling up. This lady would draw such comfort from contact with the spirit of her father, yet her fear of the unknown holds her back. More than her reluctance to believe in such things, she seems actually frightened of the spirit world.

Fear of such things is natural. Human beings as a species are always afraid of things they do not understand. In the case of reputable clairvoyants, however, this fear is unnecessary. Certainly there are charletons and scammers out there who prey on the bereaved to support their own worthless existances. Such people are to be found everywhere, you only have to peruse the personal ads of any gratuitous rag to find hundreds of advertisements promising to put you in touch with the recently passed over, for X amount, usually carefully priced below fifty dollars, or whatever the going rate is on the day.

Clairvoyants with a genuine gift and an eagerness to help are not difficult to find but the pages of sleazy magazines are not the place to seek them out. Try to find someone who is recommended by a friend and definitely do not consult a clairvoyant who is expensive as they are invariably out for the money and nothing else.

You will find the actual experience of a session with a clairvoyant fascinating and memorable. Interestingly, the world is full of people who have turned to clairvoyancy once and decided not to repeat the experience, even though they are fully prepared to admit the phenomena of the spirit world exists and may be contacted through the agencies of a medium. I consult a clairvoyant on a regular basis and now accept the spirit plane as part of the life and death process.

Clairvoyants do not sit in darkened rooms swathed in red satin, hunched over a crystal ball and covered with ectoplasm, contrary to popular suspicion. They are normal, pleasant and extremely sensitive people with all the usual human failings and virtues, just like you and me.

Some prefer to remember their dear departed from afar, not wishing to trample on the privacy of those who are no longer with us. Fear of being spooked, however, seems to be at the forefront of reasons for reluctance. Personally, I am more afraid of the creeps who are still living.

Jan Gamm writes reflections on life with an emphasis on world travel. She has lived in many countries and traveled extensively in the Far East, the Middle East, America, South America and throughout the South Pacific. She writes for fun and for money whenever she can manage it.

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