Friday, April 11, 2008

Seeing The Future : Developing Psychic Abilities through Visualization

by Lucy Barnett

If you're a developing psychic or just trying to become a little more connected to your sense of intuition, learning to visualize is in invaluable skill. Visualization is a process where you start working with your inner eye to see impressions (even intuitive ones). Flexing your visualization muscles can often lead to clairvoyance, the art of seeing the future. If visualization is a new skill for you, work with these suggestions to increase your comfort and ability.

Reach For What's Familiar
A great exercise to start with is to select a favourite possession and spend a minute or two studying it. Look at all the details, the colours, texture and note anything unusual. When you think you've memorized every detail, close your eyes and try to recreate the image of the object in your mind. When you think that you've remembered it perfectly, open your eyes and see what you missed. Try this exercise once or twice a day with different items and try to visualize things as perfectly as possible.

Listen And See
Just like guided meditations are valuable for calming your mind, they can also be really useful in increasing your visualization abilities. If you can't find any meditations that lead you through a visual environment, you can always create your own with a tape recorder (or as an MP3 on your computer system). Try and keep your meditations around 5 minutes to start with and try to create as evocative scene as possible, like strolling along a beach - seeing the myriad of blues in the ocean, the stones mixing with the sand, the birds crying over head. In any visualization, you want it to seem real to your senses.

Open A Book Find a favorite novel and read through a chapter, or even a few paragraphs. Let your imagination run wild and occasionally close your eyes, recreating what you're reading in you head. Let this process of visualization be pleasurable, enjoying the story and its resulting imagery.

Like with anything, you may find it takes a little time to hone these skills. For people used to passive entertainment -TV, movies and Internet-, it may take a little longer to kick-start your inner eye. Persevere and this skill will be invaluable as you develop your intuition and increase your psychic ability. Seeing your present is the first step to seeing your future!

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An artist and writer, Lucy loves anything that makes her creative juices flow. Using her 20 years experience with the Tarot and as a professional clairvoyant, Lucy dreams of giving everyone the resources and encouragement needed to become their own guru.

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