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Skinwalker - Learn The Facts On These Creatures

By Robert Benjamin

Native American and Norse legend dictate that Skinwalkers are people with mystical abilities to turn themselves into creatures, taking on not only their appearance but also their characteristics. It is said that Skinwalkers are actually witches that practice their craft to obtain power, wealth or to simply cause evil wherever they please.

In the southwestern part of the USA, the Navajo, Hopi and Ute's tribes have very similar yet somehow different stories about the Skinwalkers. It is believed that the Skinwalkers in nature are evil. They are said to feed on distinct power and seem to cause terror wherever and whenever they show themselves. Those that wish to become Skinwalkers train hard and intensely for years before given the right to participate in the initiation rituals. Sacrificing a sibling or relative is what is required of the novice before actually being empowered with the ability to become a Skinwalker.

For Navajo Skinwalkers, mind control is what they use to obtain their victims, to do what they require or to even kill themselves. Though it may sound like mere legend for the Navajo community the Skinwalkers existence showed itself in the mid-70's when a Nevada lawyer (Michael Stuhff) filed suit against a man and a Skinwalker, claiming the use of witchcraft to push on the custody case he was handling.

The child was given permission to spend the night with his father. When the child was returned to his mother he told of the events that happened during the night. According to the boy he spent the night with his father and a "medicine-man". They took two wooden dolls that looked like his mother and the lawyer. According to the boy the "medicine-man" took the two dolls and began chanting, and then they took the two dolls to a cemetery and buried it. When the lawyer consulted a Navajo professor on the issue, he was informed that the ritual was to make the mother and he end up in the cemetery where the two dolls were buried, and the only way to stop this was to have the Skinwalker aware that he knew about the curse. Thus, he filed the case against them.

Luckily, the judge of the case took this rather seriously and gave the mother full custody of the child and the father was forced to pay full child support. Yes, Skinwalkers are truly the witches of all witches. They are considered the highest entity of evil, black magic practitioners known. According to Dan Benyshek, a Univeristy of Nevada-Las Vegas anthropologist, "Skinwalkers have purely evil intent"

In another incident, a description of a Skinwalker was given when a woman delivering paper drove by one day on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. She claimed to have heard scratches on the passenger door where her child lay, when suddenly the door flew open and a creature with piercing eyes stared her in the face. It was half human half beast. She fought it off eventually closing the door, as she sped off she could hear the creature keeping pace with the car the sounds of hunting stopped only when she cried for help at a nearby convenience store. When help came out the beast was no where to be found.

There are so many more stories about the Skinwalkers; The TV show "Smallville" calls them, "shape shifters". Now you tend to wonder are they merely fictional beings or are they real and society and modernization simply refuses to accept them since science can't explain these events. Has society turned its back on ritualistic ways of life and beliefs just because we can't explain it? Or is it just something we would rather forget about.

There is a website that describes the Skinwalker and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

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