Sunday, April 13, 2008

St. Louis Cathedral - A Beautiful And Haunted Church

By Bella Bailey

I was only 14 years old and due to my older brother's wedding I was able to be a part of such a unique experience. My brother Jerry had been in New Orleans while he served in the Army. While there he met and fell in love with Jenny, a very Italian girl full of such love of family that I loved her instantly. We lived in upper Alabama and none of us were well off so my brother sent me a train ticket and arranged for me alone to come to his wedding. I had also never been on a train so I was a thrilled, excited young girl. I remember during the trip I was startled out of my seat when a spirit dressed as a conductor from long ago passed me and smiled! Now let me tell you that will get your heart to pumping!

It didn't take me long to see that New Orleans is swarming with ghosts or spirits whichever you call them. The day of the wedding came and we went into this huge beautiful ornate chapel ... I had been raised a Baptist by my Mother's faith ... I myself didn't really think it mattered but my Mother was horrified that my brother had not only converted to Catholicism but due to this he changed his legal name to Gerald when she had named him Jerry! My Mother just about spit every time she talked about it! For fun I would bring it up just to laugh at her reaction. Anyway, I was ushered in and placed alone, and I mean REALLY alone in the middle of the side for family of my brother. Evidently nobody had told them that I was the only family member coming. Everywhere else in the chapel it was crowded but not around me, my 14 year old self was surrounded by 3 pews in front and behind me as I sat there not knowing what in the world I was supposed to do at a Catholic wedding.

As panic and embarrassment was building the ceremony started. To my horror as if on cue people started getting up and sitting down and sometimes kneeling on a bar that ran across the pew before me. I was later to be told that this was because they had chosen to have a Mass before the vows. I was so upset and so alone ... I was about to cry and I didn't know what to do. As the tears prepared to flow I noticed a Nun who had come to stand beside me. She was the sweetest thing and her warm child like smile put me at ease instantly. She never spoke but with a nod of her head or a gesture of her hand she guided me through each and every get-up and sit-down of the entirely foreign Mass service. When that was over and the wedding vows began she walked quietly away with a smile that reassured me that she was proud of my behavior. Thanks to her I had done well. I promised myself that I would definitely thank her later and introduce her to my brother so he could thank her for watching over his baby sister.

At the reception I told him about her and described her to him and the officiating Priest and they told me that was impossible. The "habit" that I described had not been worn in over a century. Later I was to learn that all of the pictures from the back of the church with me in them showed no such woman but oddly all of them did show a distortion to my right all except the very first one!

This was the first time that a ghost appeared completely real. She looked no different to any live person there. Before, most ghosts appeared to me as spirits not totally solid and real. This true angel of a lady had helped this frightened little teenager at a time of great distress. She is still there so if you go to visit St Louis cathedral give her my love!

About Bella - I have been given the knowledge of things in life that most people ignore. I in no way belong pigeon holed with fortune tellers, mystics, or psychics. I am a "seer" and I have a gift that lets me know things that have happened and could happen. I say could, because we are all based upon free agency. Please feel free to track my ideas, at the website, and thoughts from whatever view point you want, whether it is skeptic, or believer. We also would love to post about other haunted places, submit yours @

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