Monday, April 21, 2008

Sun Signs Delineated

By Peter Dobrovic

It is hardly surprising that western sun signs sometimes appear superficial in their descriptions of individual personalities, as there are a number of different characters, with distinctive temperaments and destinies, that fall within each of the twelve signs.

Take for example the sign of Taurus, which has six separate natures situated within its scope of influence. Depending upon their birth date Taureans will find that they are one of the following.

The first of these is the Taurean that is full of contradictions, as they possess equal parts of Yin and Yang. This causes them to suffer inner conflict that often results in inaction at key times, as they tend to see both sides of an argument only too clearly. The consequence is that they get pulled in two different directions simultaneously. Their challenge in life is to equalise opposing forces both within themselves and in the circumstances that surround them.

The second Taurean has the power to bring happiness to others through the use of goodwill together with an open and encouraging attitude. They often experience contentment and take pleasure from their lives. People will give them love and loyalty in exchange for their kindness. The danger is that they may become too contented to achieve anything with their lives.

The third Taurean suffers from shyness and should consider their personal conduct at all times. Even though they find social contact difficult they must not isolate themselves from others and the quickest way to do this is to become prejudiced in their attitudes. People may misunderstand them and consider them to be snobs but this is a mistaken assumption

The fourth Taurean has to deal with anxiety or inner turmoil much of the time and yet they have the potential for great peace of mind. This peace arises from their ability to become completely absorbed in what they are doing. When this happens they forget all about their worries. If they can maintain harmony within then they will respond to people and situations in a wiser and more tolerant manner.

The fifth Taurean has great influence over others but with this power comes responsibility. They must be aware of the example that they set and hold fast to traditional principals. These people possess vast potential but they have to learn to store their energy and then to use it wisely rather than dispersing it unnecessarily. They would do well to avoid habitual activity as this will lead to a corruption of their values.

Finally the sixth Taurean needs to learn how to be still and to wait out adverse conditions or imagined future problems. It is a rare attribute to be able to do this without allowing doubts to creep in. They should not attempt to pre-empt situations as their timing will be wrong. Instead they should enjoy the quiet times in their lives without wondering what is going to come along to spoil them. The ability to wait properly, especially during periods of pressure is a strength rather than a weakness, and will be viewed by others as a supreme act of confidence.

The descriptions above are an example of the delineations that occur in each of the twelve western sun signs. In some measure this strengthens the premise that we are all indeed individuals.

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