Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tibetan Dzi Beads

By: Jenny Lin

For thousands of years, Dzi (pronounced as "jee") beads have been deeply entrenched in Tibetan culture. The Dzi beads, being Tibetan’s most precious living gemstone and charm are worshipped, revered and passed down from generations after generations. Did you know that in Tibet, the ancient pure Dzi beads can be used for mortgage purposes in banks! As with all things ancient and mystical, there is plenty of folklore associated with Dzi beads. One legend has it that demi-gods threw away their Dzi beads when they became ever so slightly blemished, which explains why the Dzi bead is also regarded as the "Heavenly Stone" by the Tibetans.

Tibet, being the former home of the Dalai Lama, has always been associated with the mystical and the holy. There is no denying that the beads’ very origins certainly lend it a metaphysical air. It is believed that the Dzi Bead has the ability to protect its wearer from supernatural "bad" forces. Many believers claim that donning a Dzi bead is akin to having an invisible cloak protect you from the intangible negative elements and energies. Evil spirits, sickness, misfortunes and sudden death are kept at bay with the presence of a powerful Dzi bead. Dzi can also balance the body of the wearer’s yin yang and five elements, hence improves the body’s immunity system and promotes overall health. Other reasons people wear Dzi beads include to usher in greater wealth, for spiritual enlightenment and even just as an aid in enhancing a feeling of calm within oneself.

The mysterious Dzi beads are shiny stone beads that often feature a universally recognized pattern, usually that of ‘eyes’, circles, squares or certain stripes and wave patterns. There are also some pieces that boast some rare patterns and are equally potent in their protective powers such as one that has the silhouette of the Goddess of Mercy Kwan Yin outlined on the bead. The different patterns found on the surface of the Dzi beads all serve a different purpose.

One-eyed Dzi beads are generally meant to promote brilliance and growth in wisdom while a 13-eyed Dzi will promote tranquility and serenity. A 21-eyed Dzi is believed to help fulfill all your wishes and enhance fame and recognition luck. It also gives you strength and courage to face all obstacles and problems. For the savvy businessman, the three-eyed Dzi will also certainly serve you well as it is said to help in bringing prosperity and wealth. A 15-eyed Dzi imparts the wearer with Heaven's Luck. Someone with lots of Heaven Luck will enjoy smooth sailing and unobstructed ride in whatever endeavors. Opportunities, windfall, and good business luck will come to him/her. The most favored bead is usually the nine-eyed one, as it is said to have the powers to bring about compassion, power and glory. Reputed to be the most powerful and prized of all Dzi beads, a 9-eyed Dzi is believed to bring the most complete blessings. It helps the wearer gain power and influence, fame and reputation. 9-eyed Dzi bead also brings windfall and speculative luck, attracts good fortune, promotes health luck, clears obstacles in your life journey and gives protection against misfortunes and negativities. A 2-eyed Dzi is a love charm and a powerful enhancer to attract or enhance love and relationships. For singles, the 2 Eye Dzi bead will enhance your chances of finding love partners; for lovers, it will strengthen your relationships and bring you marriage opportunities; and for married couples, it will reenergize passion and hold out the promise of a marriage being gloriously happy.

The Dzi bead can be worn by everyone regardless of race, religion, gender and age because these beads are not meant to be religious. Its main purpose is to promote the good aura of a person.

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