Monday, April 14, 2008

The Truth about Black Magick Spells

Author: Rose Ariadne

Magick is the action that is intentionally performed to create change of circumstances in life. Although many believe that magickal powers are natural phenomenon that occurs in all human beings and animals, to many it sounds like paranormal or occult traditions.

From ancient times people believed that some human beings (shamans, witch doctors, prophets, apostles, etc) had special powers to foresee the future and change its course of action. Practitioners of Magick believe that all human beings are born with the same powers.

As we grow up, we absorb all that is taught to us and start to believe that we are weak and in need of an external God to help us. Organized religions would prefer that we believe in an all powerful vengeful God who doles out miracles when HE feels like it to poor helpless human beings and soul-less animals. They also believe that God has an enemy called Satan who is sometimes more powerful than God himself.

In all living beings, good and evil exists side by side. Practitioners of Magick believe that a human being is here on earth to experience the good and the bad, which enables them to grow spiritually.

Most practitioners of Magick perform white magick, which are meant to bring joy and happiness to all. The three-fold Law of Karma which specifies that every action is returned to us three-fold is often used as a binding rule when performing magickal works.

However, the lines between good and evil are very thin. War is one example. Both countries at war call each other evil while believing that they are killing humans for the greater good. Similarly any action of ours that benefit some while hurting others may be in the gray area of human existence.

Black Magick is that which supposedly is performed to harm others intentionally. This includes magick to induce disease, destruction or death. Although the practitioners of black magick are aware of the three-fold Law, they believe that what they are doing is for the benefit of another.

There are many black magick spells available on the web. As we can see it's a very lucrative business with the buyer assuming that the spells are just to get even with someone who wronged them and the seller who creates or performs the spell assuming that they will not be affected by the negative karma that accompanies such actions.

In fact, both are affected by their evil actions since they co-operated in this event. However, the lure of money can be very enticing to many people who think only of short-term rewards.

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