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UFO Alert - Explosions, Strange Lights, Debris and Jets Over Northern Indiana

By Bill Knell

It began on Tuesday night, April 15, 2008, when a number of people living in the Indiana towns of Kokomo and Logansport reported seeing strange lights in their skies, hearing what sounded like a huge explosion and seeing a giant fireball. The lights returned late Wednesday night and were accompanied by the sounds of more loud explosions, the presence of military jets and evidence of debris falling from the sky. Most of the Wednesday night reports came from Howard and Tipton Counties and sent police and firefighters scrambling.

First Responders headed out around 10:45pm to what they thought might be a plane crash after receiving 146 calls in fifteen minutes about the strange events which seemed to be centered around the area of U.S. 31 and 300 North. Although they found nothing there, calls continued to come in about the lights, sounds and an odd metallic smell that reportedly filled the air in downtown Kokomo. With no aircraft reported missing, local officials thought the whole thing might have involved a meteorite or some atmospheric phenomenon.

I became aware of the odd events after hearing about it on various news broadcasts and receiving five online sighting reports between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Two of the five reports mentioned seeing falling debris that looked like spider webs, but evaporated shortly after falling on to roadways, grass and structures. UFO researchers refer to that kind of material as Angel Hair. It tends to vanish after a short period of time. How fast depends on the outside temperature. Despite reporting the falling to debris to the authorities, all the print and broadcast news reports quoted local authorities as saying that there was no evidence of any debris.

Most of the news reports also omitted the presence of strange lights from their reports of the events that occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. All the reports I received mentioned lights that moved rapidly across the sky from east to west. One of the television news broadcasts did eventually mention the lights and showed interviews with several of the witnesses on Thursday.

The witnesses that contacted me reported seeing military jets along with the strange lights in the sky on Wednesday night. In fact, the military has come forward to take responsibility for everything that happened on those two nights. A press release from the office of Colonel Jeffrey Soldner, Commander of the 122nd Fighter Wing:

"Loud noises reported by citizens in northern Indiana accompanied by flashes of light and what appeared to be falling debris early this week were a result of training conducted by Indiana National Guard F-16 Aircraft, headquartered at Fort Wayne's 122nd Fighter Wing."

There are some problems with the official explanation. They begin with the noise heard on Tuesday night in the Logansport area. Described as "sonic booms" by the news media after the Air National Guard release, the actual sound heard was a single loud explosion that shook the walls of buildings and was followed by the appearance of a huge fireball in the sky. Smaller lights that darted around what looked like jets were also seen that night.

Several loud explosions were heard on Wednesday. While some of these may have been sonic booms, they do not explain the other events that occurred. By Thursday morning, most television news broadcasts throughout Indiana were calling the strange lights "flares" that were dropped by National Guard Jets involved in military exercises in the skies above the Kokomo and Logansport areas.

Please note that the press release from the military mentioned nothing about flares. Even if flares were dropped, they would not have explained the lights that moved quickly across the sky or other strange events that occurred. Knowing that late night training exercises would cause this kind of panic, why would military officials fail to notify the local officials and the news media about them well in advance?

The metallic odor, single loud explosion heard on Tuesday and the follow-up events that occurred on Wednesday go way beyond military exercises. The witnesses that filed reports with me all said they could not recall the last time anything like this happened and none said they remembered military training exercises taking place late at night and causing such a melee.

The events in Northern Indiana were not isolated. A fishing boat captain reported seeing a huge object split into smaller lights off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, at around 8pm on Wednesday night. He also said that a large tremor occurred about ten minutes after the object split into smaller lights. It's interesting to note that an earth quake occurred in the Midwest on Friday, April 18, 2008, and was felt throughout Indiana, parts of Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. UFOs often appear en masse just before or after such events.

When the fishing boat captain made inquiries about what he saw happen in the sky off the Jersey Coast, the FAA said he had witnessed "military exercises." No statements from the military have verified that statement as of this writing. However, several reports of smaller, glowing objects were reported late Wednesday night over eastern Long Island and at least one of the reports mentioned a jet chase.

The events that occurred in Indiana on April 15th and 16th are very similar to those that took place in the skies over Stephenville, Texas, beginning in January of 2008. Sightings have continued in that area and this isn't the first time that events in both places have matched up. At the same time objects were being spotted over Stephenville, Texas, an object was photographed over Indiana in January that was identical to an object seen and later drawn by Leroy Gaitan, a Constable in Erath County, Texas.

Overall, the number and strangeness of UFO events are on the increase throughout the USA. Sadly, the news media still has never met a government press release about UFOs that they didn't like. Instead of investigating reports of UFOs as they would any other story, they tend to dismiss them out of hand as soon as anyone with government, military or scientific credentials offers an easy and very earthly explanation. You can read more and view graphics related to this story at

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