Sunday, April 27, 2008

UFO Alert - The Lights and Military Jets Are Back Over Phoenix

By Bill Knell

Less than a week after strange lights appeared in the skies over Northern Indiana and off the Jersey Coast, lights have returned to the skies over Phoenix. The lights were seen on Monday might (April 21, 2008) and are similar to the infamous display of bright objects in the night sky seen in March of 1997 over Phoenix, Arizona. Originally dubbed 'The Phoenix Lights' after they first appeared ten years ago, the lights have made several appearances since that time.

According to witnesses (which included a Reporter for the Arizona Republic newspaper), the Monday night light display seen over Deer Valley and other locations featured red lights. The bright objects morphed into various shapes and sizes, eventually forming a triangular and square shape. At least three U.S. Military jets chased the lights as they moved west to east in the sky. Officials from Deer Valley Airport officials said that none of their aircraft were responsible for the lights.

Comparable events took place over the skies of Stephenville and Dublin, Texas, back in January and have become known as 'The Stephenville Lights'. According to multiple witnesses, U.S. Military jets chased at least one large object during that occurrence. The jets may have continued to show up in Erath County, Texas, along with military helicopters, to investigate the reappearance of lights and other types of UFOs during the day and night since that time. Military aircraft have also buzzed the home of one or more UFO witnesses living in that area.

Lights similar to those seen over Phoenix also appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 14-15, 2008) over the towns of Kokomo and Logansport in Northern Indiana. Those lights were accompanied by loud sounds, an odd metallic odor in the air, the appearance of military aircraft and debris falling from the sky. Earlier in the evening on Wednesday night (April 15, 2008), a fishing boat captain reported seeing a huge object split into smaller lights off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey and said that he felt a brief tremor after that event.

In the case of the original Phoenix Lights, the Stephenville Lights, the lights in Northern Indiana and those seen off the Jersey Coast, the U.S. Armed Forces claimed that they were just military exercises mistakenly reported as UFO sightings. However, a spokesperson for Luke Air Force Base said that they had no aircraft in the sky and that the lights seen over Phoenix on Monday night were not a part of any Air Force activities.

While it's doubtful that any known military or civilian aircraft were responsible for the appearance of the latest lights over Phoenix and Luke AFB has admitted as much, witnesses say that military jets were present during the event and chased the lights across the night sky. That is in direct conflict with the Luke AFB spokesperson's claim that none of their jets were in the sky on Monday night. However, it's a nice change to find the military not immediately trying to explain any and all UFO sightings away as training or other military aircraft events.

When the military does try and explain the lights away as jets involved in training exercises, it's obvious that all the recent sightings of these objects cannot be dismissed merely as military aircraft sightings by untrained observers. This is especially true in busy air corridors like Northern Indiana and the skies over the coast of New Jersey. These are areas were many commercial and private aircraft are constantly in the air heading to various major airports in those regions. It would have been beyond irresponsible for the military to fail to announce such exercises in advance.

Beyond the safety factor, it would also be ridiculous for military authorities to fail to announce any plans for exercises occurring late at night given the possibility that such events might cause a certain level of public panic and end up being reported as UFOs. Despite these facts, they keep on sending up jets to chase these objects, claim there are no objects other than military aircraft in the sky and always seem to fall back on the same old explanation; one which is becoming increasingly, obviously and laughingly unrealistic. For more and to view photos of the lights, visit

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