Sunday, April 13, 2008

UFO Investigations

Author: Kaitlynn Moore

Nowadays there are many legends and stories which are connected with the UFO crashes and accidents. Besides the witnesses, there are many fixed evidences about the flying objects which were photographed and filmed.

There are many scientists and researchers which examine the paranormal phenomena. The most of the accidents happen in USA and Mexico. The researchers write the books, arrange the seminars and prepare the reports. The most famous event took place in Mexico in March 1997. Besides the UFO the witnesses saw strange creations with huge heads and eyes, which were worn into terrible clothes and brayed. These creations were alien.

The South Mountain Park, where the accident took place, was federal property during 75 years. The area is huge – about 16 thousand acres, so it is the biggest national park of the country.

The park is also very old – about 1000 years old. On this area strange creations and flying objects were photographed many times. This place is full of mystery. There are many witnesses who affirm that they had contacts with the humanoids.

Because of such stories there appeared several UFO organizations. The members of such organizations arrange the meetings of those people who have seen the aliens. The make the reports, tell the stories and attract the people to the problem. They accept the phone calls, letters and give the answers on the people’s questions. The attitude of the people to the aliens and UFO has changed.

Usually those people who occupy important governmental positions have more information about the UFOs, as they have access to the secret materials and documents. There are also unreal versions that some American politics have contacts with the aliens and communicate with them. It sounds as fairytale, but there are some reasons of such suppositions. May be some time we will learn the truth.

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