Thursday, April 24, 2008

Using Psychic Ability Tests Correctly

By Tim Whiston

Just because you can't guess the number before the card is flipped doesn't mean you are without intuition. In fact most people have trouble tapping into their intuitive abilities in a high-pressure situation, and this is exactly why you can benefit from psychic awareness testing.

There are numerous tests that ask a user to predict the shape, color, number, etc. that is printed on a card before the card is flipped over. Likewise there are online tests that ask you to select a color or shape before a digital rotator displays it.

Some people can tap into their intuition on the spot and do incredibly well on these tests. But most of us perform poorly under such circumstances, at least the first couple of times.

Intuition is primarily a tool for learning about yourself and guiding your own decision making process. Therefore trying to predict colors and shapes is a bit out of context in the first place.

But such test can be a great way to exercise your intuitive abilities.

For instance, when looking at a group of colors and being asked which one the image rotator is going to display next, your mind might dart back and forth. During this process, if you pay close enough attention, you can watch your mind pull one of the colors or shapes out of the lineup.

This process is very subtle, and you may only notice it afterwards at first. But through practice you can get better at recognizing your intuition in action, and can learn to tune out the mind chatter that is not intuitive at all.

This is the best use of psychic ability tests in my opinion. Don't worry about your score, just take advantage of the safe opportunity to watch your mind in action and try to get a feel for how your intuition is working.

Fascinated by his own psychic experiences, Tim Whiston began to study the phenomena and discuss it with others. He now shares this discussion with the world through his Website devoted to Psychic Ability and Psychic Development.

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