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Vedic Astrology Lesson 12

By: G Kumar

Mathematics gave birth to the Law of Probability. When this
Law based on astronomical facts & figures is applied , it
becomes the Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology. Rightly it has
been defined as a Lamp in darkness. Despite the allegations
levelled against it, Astrology continues its role as one of
the noblest professions & one of the greatest sciences which
human intellect has built up.

The role of Moon in Horoscopy

As the Queen of the Solar Logos, Moon is an important
luminary capable of conferring great mental power. The
position of Moon is very important from the perspective of
prosperity.A strong Moon, powerful in digit strength,can
give immense courage to the native and courage is essential
for prosperity. Prosperity depends on the position of Moon &
Jupiter, the indicator of wealth. The Moon is considered as
a natural benefic in Vedic Astrology.

Lunar Effects in the 12 Houses

Moon in the Ascendant

If weak Moon ( weak in digit strength ) tenants the First
House, the native will be devoid of mental strength and
longevity. If Full Moon is posited in the Ascendant, the
native will have good longevity and will be a scholar. If
the Ascendant is Taurus or Cancer,the native will be wealthy
& famous.

Moon in the Second House

Will have wealth & all sorts of enjoyments.Will have the
gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech.
Will be handsome and will have the ability to understand
other's perspectives. Will be educated with scientfic

Moon in the Third House

Will have wealth,education, virility & pride. Will have good
strength. Will have gains via brothers. Will be miserly.

Moon in the Fourth House

Will have wealth and conveyances. Will be liberal and
altruistic. Will be fond of the other sex. Will not be too
attached to anything. Will be a donator.

Moon in the Fifth House

Will be highly intelligent and kind. Will be interested in
politics. Will be affable and diplomatic.

Moon in the Sixth House

Will be cruel and intelligent. Will have disorders of the
digestive tract. Will face many a defeat. Will be
intelligent and clever. Will be slightly lazy. This position
is slightly detrimental to prosperity.

Moon in the Seventh House

Will posses wealth & fortune. Will have a high standard of
comeliness. Will have accumulated property. Will be kind.
Will enjoy the pleasures of the mundane.

Moon in the Eighth House

Will be quarrelsome and devoid of benevolent attitude. Will
be afflicted by many a disease. Will be handsome. Will have
less longevity. Will have marks caused by wounds on his/ her

Moon in the Ninth House

Will be highly religious,liberal & will have devotion to
elders and preceptors. Will possess devotion of a high

Moon in the Tenth House

Will be well off. Will have gains from education.Will be
liberal and altruistic. Will be famous and will get fame
from many altruistic deeds.

Moon in the Eleventh House

Will have wealth and a lot of subordinates. Will have
education of a high order. Will be versatile. Intelligence
of a high degree will grace the native. Will be altruistic
and liberal.

Moon in the Twelfth House

Will be lazy and devoid of wealth. Will be an outcast. Will
have to face a lot of defeats. Will live in foreign lands.
Mother's health may be affected.

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Astrology and the Science of Numbers ( Numerology )

Can numbers represent Reality? Yes, said Pythagorus. In
fact, the mysteries of the Universe and all sciences are
contained in numbers! Do we not say that everything is one &
do we not use ad infinitum in our talk ? They are numbers !

Relationship between Astrology & Gem Therapy

Medical Astrology finds out the causative factors of
diseases and can heal diseases pronounced incurable by
conventional medicine. Gem Therapy is an integral part of
Medical Astrology.

Heart Diseases

Heart attack is defined as a case of coronary thrombosis.
This happens when the heart is unable to to pump blood
efficiently to all parts of the body. There are 20 kinds of
heart diseases that affect the heart muscles, the valves of
the heart or its inner or outer lining. There are a number
of functional disorders of the heart. High B P (
hypertension) and hardening of the arteries (
arteriosclerosis ) are severe types. Rheumatic fever is also
a type of heart disease. Stellar patterns The 4th and 5th
signs of the Zodiac rule over our heart. The 4th house from
the Ascendant rules the heart. The causative planets for
heart disease are Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and
Rahu. Since planets in the 11th house of the Zodiac,
Aquarius, aspect Leo, Aquarius is also considered to be a
'heart disease' sign. Afflictions to the 4th house, Leo or
Aquarius will result in heart disease. Another causative
factor is the Sun in Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces. Any three
planets in Leo or Aquarius heavily afflicted, the Moon in
Gemini or Leo, the Ascendant in a watery sign & lord of the
Ascendant occupying a dusthana,( the 6,8 &12 houses), the
signs Leo / Aquarius and the 4th house from the Ascendant
afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Saturn, Saturn afflicting
Aquarius are other astro-pathogenic factors. In Gem Therapy,
Emerald, Moonstone and Yellow Sapphire are used for this
particular disease. Red Coral is also used as an additional
gem in acute cases.

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Astrology , Holistic Medicine & Ayurveda

Awakening to a New Holistic Health Awareness

Only after undergoing an inner conversion do people start on
a holistic health programme. This conversion may come
naturally in the fulness of time or by coming into contact
with a holistic health adept or Yoga teacher. But more
commonly, the inner transformation takes place only when
people have reached the limits of suffering or when the
shadow of some terminal illness looms large on the horizon.
Fear, they say, is the beginning of wisdom.

Pain is the first born of the Inconscience

And thy body's dumb original base !

Whatever way the change occurs, it takes the form of two
inner processes; a new attitude towards one's body and a
feeling of responsibility for one's own health.

Man's greatest enemy - Thanatos ( Death-instinct )

The notion that what a person loves most is his own body has
been roved erroneous by Freud. Freud, who declared that
pleasure seeking ( hedonism ) was the basic instinct in man,
modified his view later. He came to the conclusion that
along with Life-instinct ( known as Eros ) man had
apparently a powerful Death-instinct ( known as Thanatos )
which manifested itself as Self-hate & aggressive behaviour.
He showed that not all accidents were really accidents. The
accident-proneness of the victims produced by the
unconscious death wish they had cherished was the cause
behind some accidents. Research has indicated enough
evidence for vicious & insidious forms of self-hate in man.
We can understand how self-hate operates on the level of the
Unconscious if we observe the way many people abuse their
own stomachs, lungs & other vital organs, and the way some
people bring ruin upon themselves by yielding to drug
addiction & alcoholism. This self-hate acts as an inhibiting
factor for most individuals. Success can be achieved, said
Dr Maxwell Maltz, if this inhibitive factor is removed from
the mind. Most people are unaware of it & drift through life
unaware of the self- harm they do. Some of them wake up from
this unconscious drifting and begin to have a new attitude -
an attitude of love, friendliness and peace towards
themselves & their brethren.It actually indicates the dawn
of true love for one's higher Self known as the Atman.

Thanatos was known in Vedanta as Thamas ( the destructive
element in man ). Thamas is destructive and
self-destructive. By yogic sadhana alone can this Thamas or
Thanatos be destroyed.

Yet till evil is slain in its own home

And light invades the world's inconscient base

And perished is the Adversary force

He ( the Saviour ) must still labour on, his work halfdone!
( Aurobindo )

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Ayurveda averrs that Rajas ( humanity ) and Thamas (bestiality ) are the pathogenic factors. Satwa (divinity) is non-pathogenic. So if we take only foods which are Satwic ( like fruits and vegetables - total 400 gms per day) no disease can assail us.

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Astrology & Yoga Therapy

The Evolution of Medicine & the Three Eras of Medicine

Allopathic Medicine or " Physical Medicine" belongs to the
first era. It is Cartesian and creates a dichotomy between
mind & body. Treating a disease is like fixing a part of the
machine. The second era of medicine refers to 'Mind-Body
medicine." It became popular in the 1960s with the advent of
Meditation, imagery, hypnosis & bio-feedback. Mind and body
are interconnected by messenger molecules and these
molecules are invoked to accomplish the healing process.

The third era of Medicine refers to " Transpersonal Medicine
". It became popular in 1990s with the advent of group
support and spirituality to heal.

Yoga therapy supplements the second and the third eras of
medicine. Yoga therapy complements medical technology with a
holistic system of health care that addresses the triune
problems - physical, mental & spiritual. The author of Yoga
Sutras, Patanjal, defined it as the Science of the Mind.
Mind is the root cause of bondage and in order to redeem us
from the thraldom of the mind, we have to annilhilate the
mind. Extirpation of thought waves is Yoga. And it is
through teaching us to control our mind, our desires, and
our reactions to stress, that yoga can fundamentally help
us. It is based on the tripod of Life - Body, Mind & Self &
the three levels of Being- Doing, Thinking & pure Being.

Astrology determines the time which is auspicious for taking
medicines and along with Yoga Therapy can nurse one to back

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Astrology & Occult Vibratory Chemistry ( Tantra )

Tantra is based on the Coiled Serpentine Energy known as the
Kundalini. Once the Golden Serpent rises, your thinking will
change.Your perceptions will change. Then you need not rely
on books. Then your mind will become your book. This
wonderful phenomenon called the mind is a repository of
endless knowledge. Once the Kundalini via the Sushumna
rises, we reach a transcendental plane. The main aim of the
Yogi is to open the Sushumna. On the path of the Sushmna are
the Chakras, dynamoes of cosmic energy in man.

She sports as Universal Power in the Macrocosm; and in the
microcosm as the coiled Serpent Power!

Infinite Power of the Absolute art Thou!

The Cause of the Universe as Maya

The entire Creation is Thy Play

Thy blessing is Bliss Absolute !

The essence of all sciences art Thou

All women Thy manifestations !

The visible Universe Thou art

And the dormant Serpentine Power !

Astro-Therapy used in Vedic Astrology is Tantric. The images
of the planetary energies are propitiated on the days
assigned to them.

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