Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is the earth plane for on a spiritual level?

By: Keith Mcgregor

The earth plane is a place where the universe can gather sensation.

This is something more easily understood when you have been working on your spiritual development for some time. The deep philosophical understanding usually comes after much guided meditation or spiritual meditation exercises, taking time to clear your mind of all thoughts to allow yourself to find the opening of understanding.

As your spiritual growth develops we start to realise that feeling on the earth plane is very much the point of being on the earth plane. We start to see that experiencing our emotions helps us to understand ourselves more. We must, however, realise that just allowing our emotions to take control over us is not going to help us on this journey we have chosen. We must learn to master our emotions. We need to look at them and feel them and understand them. We must not cut them off or block them away but learn to accept them for what they are. We must accept we are emotional creatures and thus allow ourselves to grow from our understanding, being the person we are and allowing that to shine through with confidence.

It helps us to find for ourselves the meaning of our spirituality. It is believed that there are but only a few spiritual realities in the universe and that we must choose one like we choose a religion. However, no human being believes in their religion in exactly the same way as his fellow man, so how is it that only a hand full of beliefs exist? Would it not be more than just common sense to just accept that for each and every one of us there is simply our own spiritual belief system? We may follow a religion but we still have our own spiritual beliefs.

Our own spirituality is a large concept. It might suggest that through using spiritual meditations that are guided as in downloadable meditations, we move forward into our spiritual growth thus creating for us our own spirituality, our own unique one of a kind spirituality that is simply about finding the peace within ourselves and seeking the happiness. We learn that our humanity actually feeds our spirituality.

Remember we are all unique in humanity and spirituality


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