Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Meditation and Near Death Experiences Have In Common - How They Can Help With Transformation

By Richard Hamon

Research has documented the range of powerful emotions accompanying many Near Death Experiences and shows how their profound effects often transform lives. This article will cover the similarities between the near death experience (NDE) and meditative phenomena, and propose ways the practice of meditation can lead to profound life changes.

Although no one wants to endure a battle with death, suffer a tragic accident or experience an illness that leads them to the brink of death, most people who have had an NDE feel grateful for it. Some say it was the single most important and enlightening event in their lives.


What are the common emotional components of a NDE?

1. Unspeakable joy
2. Lucid thoughts
3. Vivid imagery
4. Heightened color perception
5. Freedom from bodily pain

The above extra-somatic emotions were found to be characteristic of NDEs in a large study done in the last decade, and more recent studies have shown similar results, pinpointing feelings of euphoria and fearlessness.

In some ways, the survivor of a close brush with death feels like he or she is on top of the world, and entertains a fresh, new way of viewing the world and thinking about life. When I had my near death experience in 2003, I came away from the experience feeling all of the above emotions . . . joy beyond belief, fearlessness, vivid imagery floating around in my brain, a sense of heightened color perception and an awareness of great beauty in the world, along with lucid and quickened thoughts that left me feeling as though the world had somehow been transformed and was more lovely and intriguing than I had ever found it.

My NDE changed my life for good. It was a gift beyond compare, but one that had come at great personal cost, in terms of pain and suffering, trauma and other negative consequences.

After my recovery, I began investigating NDEs and learning everything I could learn about them. I wanted to know if it was possible to have a similar transformational experience without coming near death.


I discovered that a few people have similar experiences as a result of unusual dreams or meditative and prayerful experiences. Reflecting on my own meditative experiences, I realized that emotions stemming from meditation can be similar to those resulting from an NDE.

In fact, I realized I had experienced all five of the above emotions while in meditation, at different times in the past thirty years. Perhaps they were not as brilliant or urgent, but I knew meditation could be one way of experiencing these intensely beautiful feelings. After all, meditation is an ancient means of achieving transformation. A particular emotion may come up in a meditative experience, alone or in combination with others, but that is also the case with NDEs.

Every NDE is unique. In mine, I felt joy, lucid thoughts, vivid imagery, heightened color perception and freedom from pain. But not everyone does.

Similarly, those who mediate often enter sublime spiritual states, encounter remarkable emotions and find liberation from worldly attachments and problems.

Tips For Practice

1. Meditation is best practiced as a ritual and the best results occur when it is a part of one's daily life.

2. Meditate whenever you get the chance -- you don't need to set aside two hours for every meditation experience. You can feel a sense of wonderful tranquility and calm in just a few minutes, once you have a little experience with your techniques.

3. Practice Vipassana meditation, which can be integrated with your daily life, and entails developing a clear felt sense of what is happening as it happens. Once you get the hang of it, it is a type of mindfulness that is open to you every single moment of the day. Vipassana meditation can lead to profound feelings similar to the emotional after effects of a NDE. It is a kind of in-vivo meditation, which can have many wonderful long-term benefits.

For example, by becoming more aware of others and yourself, you can attain an acute sense of inter-connectedness, peace and love. You will feel and think more vividly and deeply.

Meditation can be your ticket to life-changing emotion and awareness. It can lead to the same kind of transformational change as a powerful NDE . . . and, over time, open many inward possibilities.

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