Sunday, April 27, 2008

Your Guide To Astrology

By Davin Woods

Your daily life can get fairly complicated at times. You're running at full speed all day, every day. You often think that it would be nice to have an idea of what may be coming so you could better react to it. It's not the be-all to end-all but astrological guidance can often help to weigh lay the hectic stresses that each day gives you. This guidance can be helpful, yes, but only if you see astrology for what it is and how it is meant to guide your life not rule it.

A force of perspective

In many respects, astrology is sort of like picking stocks. Somebody takes a look at all the relevant information and decides which way a stock or a market is going to go. Astrology readings are pretty much the same idea. The person doing the reading takes all the information in and makes a guess at which way the information will take you. There are all sorts of pieces of information, and all of them may be off just a bit changing the reading just a little bit. This means that as you use the astrological reading, you need to understand that it is a guide not a hard and fast "this will happen." From this perspective, using the information from your reading with a positive spin is a better way for the reading to guide you through your life and not direct it.

A positive negative

Unfortunately, sometimes the sun, the moon and the planets are not destined to be in the right places at the right times. People are coming in and out of your life causing all sorts of conflict here and there. Sometimes this is just the way it goes. Astrological guidance from a positive perspective can easily help you turn all the negatives into positives. This can work because you have a general idea that things are going to be kind of whacked out over a certain period of time and you need to be ready for them at some point. As the negative elements arrive you can sit back and let them go because you were sort of ready for it to happen. You have used astrology in a positive way to guide you through a tough patch.

Positive choices

Astrological guidance is based on factors affecting mood, other people, gravity to a certain extent and a general personal attitude. They all go into making up your astrological life. But it is your life, no combination of these factors of astrology are going to change that. Astrology is a great director. Use it as a director and make the choices that are right for you based on your life. Possibly, the planets, sun and moon can help you find something that will enhance your life, but take it as a bonus. Often the best way to use astrology is to just sit back and look at something and think with a comforting feeling yes, I new that might happen and I was ready for it to happen. It's a nice feeling whether the event was good or bad.

Davin Woods is a renowned psychic and astrological author and has published several articles on such subjects globally. He has been long associated with Inc, a leading Psychic Reading and Spiritual Counselling company.

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